Winter Wellness and Vitality

I think we can all agree, winter is in full swing and it has brought all of it’s problems for lifters with it. Bulking season is great but we have to contend the cold weather which is horrible to train in, getting sick every other week because as soon as you get better, someone at home, school, or around the office decides their body needs some flu to set the mood, joint pains, and just the general feeling of wanting to go home and live in bed. We have put together some things you should definitely look at keeping in your gym bag this winter.

1. Bulking

Pretty much the only reason most lifters look forward to winter is so that we can work on putting on some new muscle, without worrying too much about the shredded look or the waistline, because who will see us without a shirt? It’s cold, you’re not going topless anytime soon. The mirror might judge you, but look how much bigger you are. Fair trade I would say. Anyway, make sure to always keep some creatine and a mass builder with you.

Creatine is such a versatile supplement to have when pushing your muscle tissue, and despite being in most mass builders already, a tablespoon or two more is only going to help. Plus, it’s quite cheap so it won’t break the bank.

A mass builder might seem to some as overkill. Yes, you can get your nutrients and calories from food alone. Mass builders help pack on calories for hard gainers who are already buying fridges of food every two days and for the convenience of not having to chomp down a full meal straight after training. Also, mass builders offer instant glycogen replenishment after training, while eating a meal takes time to digest, and might not digest properly as well, leading to enhance muscle growth. They are usually packed with extra muscle building goodness, such as creatine, BCAA’s, amongst others. They are a worthwhile investment. And, they taste pretty great.

2. Performance

Being at home is great when it is cold, warm up the heaters and blankets and you are set for a warm evening. This doesn’t bode well for our training though, the cold can make it hard for us to get in the zone and work our butts off. A pre-workout can help get your body get ready for the onslaught you are about to bring by providing performance enhancers like beta-alanine, creatine, and of course, caffeine. It is also a psychological thing, you commit to taking a pre-workout means you have to go to the gym and work off all those stimulants.

3. Immune Boosting

Getting sick is a miserable ordeal to begin with, let alone in the middle of a training programme. Then you get better, but then someone else gets sick and makes you sick all over again. It is quite a nuisance, and no matter how many times we ask our respective gyms to turn the air-conditioning off (I mean it’s winter, who needs the aircon?), they seem to crank it up even more. Now you are cold, and breathing in other people’s germs. Great. Best thing to do is grab some immune boosters so that you can fight off the barrage of ugly germlings knocking at your door, and stop the sickness before it even starts.

4. Joint health

Joint problems may not be something everyone suffers with but it can still pop up in most because the weather dries out cartilage and connective tissue. On the surface, it may just seem like slight irritation but as we delve into your joints, you will find they are wearing away. It explains why each winter feels heavier on your joints than the last because you don’t fully recover from the last winter. A joint aid of any kind keeps your joints from wearing down and keeps them shiny-clean.


Winter doesn’t have to be achy knees, sniffling noses, and a bunch of gym days missed. Stock up this winter and you might just find that winter is your favourite training season.

Author: Rob De Wit

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