Superfoods and why you need to eat them

Ever started working out and you feel sluggish and tired? Often people write it off to the adjustments to the busier lifestyle, but this can be demotivating. Before a rigorous new workout plan is followed, you need to clean up your diet, otherwise you will never feel healthy or energetic. This is why you need to incorporate superfoods into your diet.

What are they?

Superfoods refer to the most nutrient dense foods available, and are remarkably rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Superfoods are also considered to be the most beneficial when it comes to general health, but can also be extremely helpful in protection from aging, cell damage, oxidation of tissue, inflammation, and have been shown to assist in preventing cancer, as well as fighting it. This is all due to the radically high amounts of naturally rich micronutrients and anti-oxidants, that lower the number of free radicals in our bodies, as well as improved immune function.

Why should I eat them?

Some of the benefits have already been outlined above, but they are also simple yet effective ways to ensure that we protect our bodies from damaging itself. Cell oxidation is something we cannot stop, it is a natural process that happens when oxygen is burned for fuel. This creates ‘free radicals’ which essentially steal the electrons from other molecules, causing damage. Damaged cells are not only waste products, but they can also cause further complications such as body toxicity, and in the most extreme case, cancer.

Anti-oxidants are the most effective compounds to cleanse our bodies of free radicals, which provide something that is much better than a cure; prevention. They prevent cell damage which in turn leads to the prevention of aging, but they also boost the immune system which leads to damaged cells being repaired better and faster. Besides these benefits, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals, which make all internal systems operate at an optimum level. The summary; they are the best and most nutritious foods you can eat.

As fantastical as this sounds, we don’t need to go to the edges of the earth to find it. Most of these superfoods are found at your local Fruit and Veg (or Food Lovers Market as it is now known). The three most common superfoods are; blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, as they are well known for being high in anti-oxidants. Other common superfoods that you might not know about include; fresh fruit and vegetables (broccoli reigns supreme here), fish such as salmon, grains such as oatmeal, starches such as sweet potato, eggs, chicken, dairy such as yoghurt (the probiotics in yoghurt are unbelievably beneficial for digestion), and nuts or seeds.

This may sound like a wide array and can be daunting to look at. Just remember; if you are including whole, fresh foods into your diet, then you are already enjoying delicious and nutritious superfoods. If not, then it is definitely time to restock your pantry!

Author: Rob De Wit

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