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Prime Self Optimised Cognition Stack

This stack includes all necessary products needed to optimise your cognitive performance. It focuses on supplying the brain with cutting-edge nutrients and ingredients to optimise it's functioning, improve memory and supercharge your mental stamina to ensure you are operating at your peak when you need it most!

  • Prime Self Prime Mind [60 Caps]

    Prime Mind is an all-natural, nootropic product specifically designed to create the ultimate cognitive performance.
  • Prime Self Prime Focus [60 Caps]

    Prime Focus is an all-natural supplement that combines various ingredients in order to provide the body and mind with immediate energy and precision focus.
  • Prime Self Prime Brew - 20 Tea Bags [60g]

    Prime brew is a cutting-edge performance tea blend, with a synergistic combination of roasted yerba mate, adaptogens and nootropics to result in a truly exceptional performance tea.

Directions: Refer to the recommended usage for each product as per their label.

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