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Deal of the Week!
Post-Workout Muscle Growth Accelerator! Want Some Serious Muscle? Then stop wasting your time in the gym and start drinking MHP's DARK MATTER and push your muscle growth to a new...
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Post-Workout Muscle Growth Accelerator!

Want Some Serious Muscle?

Then stop wasting your time in the gym and start drinking MHP's DARK MATTER and push your muscle growth to a new level! Did you know that the best time to stimulate muscle growth is right after your workout? You want those key nutrients in your bloodstream and on their way to your muscles as fast as possible. DARK MATTER uses a combination of innovative new technologies and ingredients that allows for lighting fast nutrient uptake. Here's the anabolic kicker - DARK MATTER sets off a anabolic reaction where insulin levels peak with amino acid, creatine and glycogen transport - this sets off insane muscle growth and promotes faster recovery.


Promotes Protein Synthesis Fast – Faster than Whey Protein

ProSynthagen's one of a kind blend of essential free form amino acids enhances protein synthesis faster than whey isolate. ProSynthagen is as potent as it is fast - one serving promotes protein synthesis as much as 40 grams of protein. It doesn't stop there - ProSynthagen's amino acid matrix is adjusted with "Dual Portal Transport" for even quicker uptake by blending these potent free form aminos with Leucrose, an innovative, exclusive new leucine-alanine dipeptide. Leucrose enhances anabolic activity by controlling protein synthesis and sparing the BCAA's. These one of a kind characteristics result in a higher Protein Synthesis Score than any other currently available protein source, this means you'll get the most muscle building benefits.


An Extreme Insulin Spike and Full Glycogen Restoration!

WaxiMAX-C3G is a carbohydrate blend consisting of waxy maize starch, Maltoplex-18 glucose polymer and dextrose. This blend results in quicker gastric emptying, a very fast, potent insulin spike and full glycogen replenishment. The WaxiMax-C3G blend was designed to provide the specific infusion to set off the best insulin response – this opens the anabolic window quickly and for a longer period of time. This carbohydrate blend significantly enhances insulin levels using just 10 grams of sugar- a big difference when compared to most creatine products and post workout formulas. And to promote increased anabolism DARK MATTER uses a patented, highly concentrated source of C3G (cyanidin-3-glucoside), this increases insulin sensitivity for significantly improved protein synthesis, creatine/nutrient transport and uptake and glycogen replenishment.

High Velocity Nano-Physics:

Innovative, New Technology for Fast Absorption and BioAvailability, there's one more step regarding moving post-workout supplementation to a new anabolic level: the creation of a new kind of nano-technology, referred to as High Velocity Nano-Physics. High Velocity Nano-Physics results in optimal speed, nutrient timing and effectiveness forcing the Anabolic Window to open quickly and cause ProSynthagen, WaxiMax-C3G and HydroSIZE to be delivered and to peak at the same time for maximum anabolic effect.

Extreme Post-Workout Muscle Growth Activator!

  • Protein Synthesis Increase of 600%-Equivalent to 40 Grams of Protein
  • Faster Absorption than Whey Protein
  • Extreme Insulin Spike with WaxiMAX-C3G
  • Multi Source HydroSIZE Creatine Transport System
  • Restores Glycogen Levels and Increases Cell Volume


  • Dark Matter is your ultimate post workout muscle growth accelerator designed to be taken immediately after your workout before you consume any other shake or meal.
  • All other substances will only slow down the precise nutrient infusion of the high velocity nano-physic particles in DARK MATTER, shorten your anabolic window and impede maximum muscle growth and recovery. 
  • Add 1 scoop to 20oz of water in a glass or shaker bottle immediately after training.
  • Stir or shake vigorously.
  • Any other post-workout shake or meal may be taken 1 hour later.


Keep out of reach of children.

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