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I Am More

Again… in my head again… That voice telling me that it’s enough.
Why can’t I just do what everyone else does?
Live the way everyone else lives?
Everyone else is busy living their lives normally. They’re living with no need to wake up extra early. No need to do meal prep. Eating when they feel like it. Training if they feel like it. Stopping when they feel tired.
So what is it that drives me…. Drives me to be more.?
I am:
Motivated - I decided that I would no longer be average. I wouldn’t be "the norm." The rest of the world can have their easy. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. So why am I motivated? Because average is not appealing. There’s something bigger and greater on the other side of all these hours of rigorous work. And I am determined and motivated to see what it is that’s on the other side.
Over it - I am over having less than what I know I can have. I am over not achieving what I know I am capable of achieving. I am over falling short of what I know I can be. I am over being under par or even on par. Going through the motions with no end goal in sight or nothing greater to show for it, is not what I want. The mediocre life is not meant for me. I do not want it. I am over it.
Resolved - I am resolved to better. Resolved to rise above what the rest of the world does. The world can’t and won’t offer what I want to obtain. Therefore, I am resolved to take it with hard work and dedication. My goals have been set and nothing will stop me from laying the path needed to get me where I need to go.
Eager - I am eager to put this work in; the work required to take me where I need to go. Eager to make the best out of everything I’ve been given and make it more. I have the ability, the will and the fortitude to make myself a better version of what I was yesterday. I am eager to be better and greater.
Why do I push past what the world says I should do? Why do I venture into realms that I don’t need to go into? That extra rep after the last one… that 4 a.m. alarm... those lunch boxes… that lack of breath...the pain and agony… the blood, sweat and tears… why do I put myself through all of this?
Because I AM MORE.
Share your story, get others to share theirs, use the hashtag #BecauseIAmMore and let CHROME help you press on.
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