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  • Stimulant Based Pre-Workout VPX Shotgun 5X [570g] - Chrome Supplements and Accessories
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    VPX Shotgun 5X [570g]

    UNIVERSITY PROVEN TO INCREASE MUSCLE GENE PROTEINS BY 515% Supports Increased Muscle DNA.  Supports muscle Gene Proteins to increase Muscle Growth. SHOTGUN 5X is the first VPX® muscle building supplement...
    R 799.00
  • Post-Workout VPX Synthesize [530g] - Chrome Supplements and Accessories
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    VPX Synthesize [530g]

    If you want to speed up lean muscle growth, get this one fact straight: Insulin is the most Anabolic (muscle building) of all hormones.† In fact, insulin triggers more lean...
    R 799.00
  • VPX Amino Rush [370g]

    AMINO RUSH™ BCAA 2:2:1™ is a very versatile product. Consume AMINO RUSH™ 2:2:1™ prior to a fasted workout, or during a workout or athletic event. AMINO RUSH™ 2:2:1™ can also...
    R 699.00
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