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  • Supplements SA Whey Nougat Protein Bar Sugar Free [50g]

    *Please be advised that these bars are susceptible to heat and some melting may occur during shipping. After a gruelling 2 years of development, Supplements SA is proud to announce...
    R 30.00
  • Protein Blend Supplements SA Slow Release Protein [1kg] Protein Blend Supplements SA Slow Release Protein [1kg]
    Out Of Stock

    Supplements SA Slow Release Protein [1kg]

    Extreme Slow Release is a proprietary blend of slow release Casein and medium release Egg protein. Research shows that when you consume casein, you will reach a peak in blood...
    R 399.00
  • Supplements SA Cellulean Estrox [90 Caps]

    Estrogen plays a dominant role in cellulite development as it stimulates fibroblasts causing collagenase to break down collagen. This allows fat cells to break free from collagen strands and ‘float’...
    R 199.00
  • Supplements SA Ganic-F [50 Caps]

    Ganic-F caps is SSA’s answer to providing athletes with a product that rivalled Ganic-F Insane's strength, energy, focus and volumizing effects without any added carbohydrates. Ganic-F CAPS are ideal for precontest...
    R 89.00
  • Supplements SA Beta Alanine [120 Caps]

    Peer reviewed university research studies prove that carnosine counteracts the negative effects of intense physical exercise which releases large amounts of hydrogen ions causing a drop of pH with resultant...
    R 249.00
  • Carnitine Supplements SA L-Carnitine [120 Caps] Carnitine Supplements SA L-Carnitine [120 Caps]
    Out Of Stock

    Supplements SA L-Carnitine [120 Caps]

    L-carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body and is critical for energy production in every cell in the body. L-carnitine transports fat, in the form...
    R 189.00
  • Supplements SA Massive Muscle [4kg]

    High Protein, High Carbohydrate, Calorie dense weight gainer, packed with a full vitamin profile to assist with muscle growth, recovery and weight gain. Directions Add required amount depending on timing...
    R 499.00
  • Supplements SA L-Glutamine [500g]

    L-GLUTAMINE is one of the most versatile supplements around with a host of health benefits such as improved immune system function, digestive system health, muscle recovery and increased muscle cell...
    R 299.00
  • Supplements SA Performance Energy [750g]

    Delivers 200mg of caffeine per serving and utilizes a 7:1 carb to protein ratio maximising glycogen stores for intense exercise. Also contains Beta Alanine, Glutamine & Taurine as well as...
    R 189.00
  • Supplements SA Supervit [150 Caps]

    SUPERVIT is specially designed for the sportsman and sportswoman who place such heavy demands on the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals that a healthy diet is not sufficient for...
    R 139.00
  • Supplements SA ZMA [100 Caps]

    ZMA is a synergistic blend of zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and Vitamin B-6. Zinc plays an important role in testosterone production and low levels of zinc and magnesium are...
    R 169.00
  • Supplements SA Cramp Blocker [60 Caps]

    Clinical trials have confirmed French Maritime Pine Bark Extracts’s numerous benefits eg. the fact that it’s anti-oxidant properties are 20 times stronger than vitamin C. Its primary function is the...
    R 179.00
  • Supplements SA Diet Whey [740g]

    Diet Whey is a specially formulated high-quality protein matrix which is low in carbohydrates and lactose and has been fortified with BIOCOR to aid absorption and prevent bloating. DIET WHEY...
    R 289.00
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