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Nutrex Get Jacked Stack

This stack contains a selection of Nutrex products for those looking to pack on the muscle.

  • Nutrex Tested [60 Caps]

    TESTED is a clinically dosed and banned substance tested, free testosterone and libido supporting formula. It utilizes fully disclosed patented LJ100® material in a dosage that is unmatched in this industry
  • Nutrex Postlift [745g]

    POSTLIFT sets a new standard in post-workout supplementation: it contains ingredients at full effective (clinical) doses, backed by science and freely disclosed on the label.
  • Nutrex Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate [285g]]

    HEMO-RAGE ULTRA CONCENTRATE is a super intense one-scoop-only pre-workout booster that will get you energized to the max in just minutes.
  • Nutrex Muscle Infusion [2.2kg]

    MUSCLE INFUSION is packed with five different proteins in fast absorbing whey proteins as well as slower digesting milk and egg protein fractions for a fast yet sustained supply to your muscles.

Directions: Refer to the recommended usage for each product as per their label.

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