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Biotech USA Premium Muscle Stack

This stack contains a selection of BioTech USA products for those looking to pack on the muscle.

  • BioTech USA Black Blood CAF+ [300g]

    Black Blood is a complex high-caffeine formula, whose main function is to contribute to nitrogen monoxide and carnosine production.
  • Biotech USA Wianabol [90 Caps]

    Wianabol is our most modern TST booster. With 44 key ingredients it was scientifically engineered for male athletes who don’t compromise with mediocrity. Wianabol is steroid-free.
  • Biotech USA Zmattack [60 Tabs]

    The ingredients of the testosterone level optimising synergistic formula, zinc, magnesium and vitamin b6, naturally control hormone function and the immune system.
  • BioTech USA BCAA Flash Zero [360g]

    BioTech USA’s flavoured BCAA Flash Zero amino acid powder contains 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine amino acids, which greatly enhance each other’s effect on building muscles and energizing.
  • BioTech USA Multivitamin For Men [60 Tabs]

    BioTech USA Men’s Performance supplies balanced nutrition with emphasis on key amino acids, antioxidants of fruit and vegetable extracts as well as a variety of B vitamins to supplement a healthy diet specially designed for men.
  • BioTech USA Iso Whey Zero [2.2kg]

    We recommend Iso Whey Zero if you are looking for an excellent source of protein; due to its 88% protein content, it contributes to maintaining muscle mass and healthy bones as well as to muscle mass growth.
  • BioTech USA HMB 1000 [180 Tabs]

    The active ingredient in HMB 1000 has been used in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for decades.
  • BioTech USA Hyper Mass 5000 [4kg]

    Start off with the right amount of proteins that are ready to contribute to your muscle building.

Directions: Refer to the recommended usage for each product as per their label.

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