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Collagen protein

Collagen is a structural protein found mainly in the extracellular spacing within connective tissue. Collagen typically strengthens connective tissue as the increased structure fills the microscopic gaps found within the cellular spacing, thus supporting greater stability.
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  • Youthful Living Collagen Pro Plus [475g]

    10.5g of Peptan collagen made with additional ingredients such as glucosamine, msm and probiotic fiber to assist in joint health, healthy hair, skin and nails, weight management and gut health....
    R 399.00
  • Lifematrix Purple Protein Collagen Powder [400g]

    Lifematrix Purple protein is made with Peptan hydrolyzed collagen (bovine) containing 20 amino acids that may help promote joint and bone health, and reduce visible signs of ageing because collagen...
    R 349.00
  • Nutritech Collagen Protein [454g]

    GRASS-FED, STEVIA SWEETENED COLLAGEN TYPES I + II Muscle recovery is all about the speed of absorption; the advanced NT COLLAGEN™ PROTEIN formula is engineered with 26 grams rapidly absorbing...
    R 299.00
  • ShopCollagen PeptiPlus Pure [200g]

    Peptiplus is pure hydrolysed bovine collagen, which is extracted from the carcasses of cattle, which are almost totally made up of collagen. Collagen occurs in a triple helix structure made...
    R 269.00
  • Lifematrix Collagen Broth [200g]

    GOING BEYOND BONE BROTHS There's been a surge of interest in bone broths recently as the benefits of collagen (the main ingredient of these broths) gets the thumbs up for...
    R 179.00
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