My Name is Rachel Clark and I'm a full-time working mom to 2 boys and wife to Peter. My weight loss journey started in 2012 when I was 35 years old, 163cm tall and weighed 110.9kg with body fat over 50%.

On 17 September 2012, I heard about the Dukan diet - a high-protein diet that has a list of 100 foods you can eat without counting calories or weighing your food. Basically, if it's on the list, you can eat it - this sounded like the perfect diet for me. I stopped drinking alcohol immediately, stopped eating takeaways and stuck to the diet 100% for 10 months. I told my family, friends and work colleagues that I was on a diet so that they could keep me accountable.

My goal weight was 66kg and according to the plan I would achieve that number by August 2013, but I reached it by 23 July 2013. As I was happier with my weight and size, I started to cycle and entered the 94.7 Cycle Challenge that year. I also joined Cross Fit Jozi to gain some strength, build muscle and tone. I was introduced to the Paleo diet at Cross Fit and started to incorporate it into my lifestyle.

I was going to  CFJ 5 times a week, Switch a few times a week and running when I had any time. I eventually had to stop CF at the end of 2017 due to a back injury but I have continued with Switch and running since then. In March 2018, I noticed I had run quite a few kilometres and decided to try and run an average of 5km a day for each month. This year my aim is to run 2019km.

After losing 44kg, I started to look at supplements to add to my diet and aid recovery. I have been shopping at CHROME Karaglen for the last 2 years, Dalton is always super friendly and has given me great advice. I have changed to BioTech USA Casein ( for my husband) on the advice of CHROME staff, I buy Nutritech chocolate whey for myself, and I have recently been buying Slender You Slender Shake - which I take in the evening if I train late. I also take BCAA's, L-glutamine and creatine daily, which I get from the CHROME shop or online. I also cannot go without Supplements SA whey nougat bars - the chocolate one fixes any craving I may have, and they taste great frozen too! 

Over the last 18 months, I have changed my diet with the aim to get leaner. My body fat has gone from 26% to 11%. I have also lost a further 6kg and I am now weighing 60kgs at nearly 42 years old. It was easy for me to lose weight - if you are serious and clean up your diet, the weight drops - but keeping the weight off, training consistently, eating well consistently and trying to build lean muscle mass has been a different animal all together. 

Together With CHROME

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