I have never really been happy with my body and image, in fact most of my life I have been very insecure. I hated taking my shirt off at the beach, always feeling like everyone was thinking ‘look how fat he is.’ I was always the ‘big guy’ so I just accepted this is who I am and that this is my reality. 

Playing rugby since I was 9 years old, I used to be active all the time, until hanging up my boots at 31. I did not realise how much weight I had put on in 4 years after I stopped playing. My lifestyle became unhealthy, filled with drinking and partying every weekend and eating whatever I felt like with very little, if any, exercise.

My realisation came one day while on holiday with my pregnant wife. I suddenly realised how unhappy I was with my body and how unhealthy my lifestyle was and I had had enough. The biggest turn around point was that I did not want to be that dad… the fat unhealthy father that could not even run around and play with his son. I needed to change my lifestyle and become a fit and healthy role model.

So that is where my transformation story began, just over 2 years ago. I enlisted the help of my good friend and personal trainer Andrew Goodman and together we sat down and went through all the goals I wanted achieve. Being fit and healthy was the main goal but I wanted it to be sustainable, no shortcuts. 

We took measurements, worked out my body fat percentage, and put together a plan for the next 2 years. This mainly consisted of weight training (with some cardio) six days a week for one to two hours a day, coupled with a concise and personalised eating plan. He would change up my training and diet every two to three weeks, which kept it interesting. 

I went from being 134kg with 38% body fat to 103kgs with 15% body fat. My size 44 pants went down to 34, and XXL shirts went to Large.

The change I have experienced has not only been physical, but a mental and emotional one too. I now carry myself with a newfound pride and confidence. I am happier and more motivated in all facets of life than ever before and my relationship with people in my life has vastly improved. The best part is that my results and success has motivated and influenced friends and family around me to make the same change.

I am especially happy with the relationship I have with my little boy, our best times are when we are running around and playing outside. I know my love for fitness and sport has already positively influenced him, and he loves being outside and active.

My story is far from over, in fact it is actually just begun. This is not a quick fix but a real foundation for me to further build on my health and fit lifestyle. 

My success is definitely still in progress.

Together With CHROME

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