Towards the end of last year I wanted to lose some body fat and improve my muscle definition. In order to do this I had to incorporate better eating habits, a ton of HIIT workouts as well as the right supplements. 

I had to cut down my consumption of junk food and try stick to clean, nutritious meals as much as I could. For me, it’s impossible to eat completely healthy all the time, so I cut out junk food slowly over the course of my transformation.

My training went from 3 days per week to a minimum of 5 days per week. To form good habits I decided to do a 60 day challenge to get used to this style of eating and for these 60 days I trained an average of 5-6 days a week where after I became used to the training frequency and waking up at 5am. I definitely believe making a personal challenge for yourself e.g. 30 days challenge is vital for you to form a habit first to make the plan easier to stick to and more sustainable.

I use either 3D Nutrition’s Whey protein or Amplify Whey Infusion after training and between meals to hit my daily protein intake for the day, as well as 3D Nutriton’s Crea Blast after training to assist with muscle growth. Towards the end of my transformation I incorporated 3D Nutrition’s Shred XT to give my energy levels and metabolism a boost. To make up for any micronutrients I miss out on during the day  I use a multivitamin from SNP. Those who have seen my Instagram page know I love using my 3D elbow sleeves and gloves for the type of exercises I do.

My plan worked out and I achieved my desired goal. I lost 2kgs in 3months, became more ripped, muscular and definitely more powerful in terms of training. The plan right now is to build some more muscle while staying as lean as possible.  

Together With CHROME

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