A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.

My weight has always been up and down since the age of 9 and over the last few years, I have tried so many different diets and diet drugs, but it always ended in yo-yo effects.

In 2015, I was left feeling so depressed when 3 digits stared back at me as I stepped on the scale, how could I let it get this bad?

Because of this, I tried several different diets to help me lose weight, which fluctuated constantly, but I never gave up.

I saw a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction consultation in February 2018, and he gave me an ideal weight I needed to reach before he would perform the surgery. I made a booking for 2 months later so that I had no excuses – my surgery took place in April 2018.

Following that, I gained 4kg and realised I had to make changes that would have lasting effects. I started an online SleekGeek challenge in 2018 and decided to go the route of counting calories – today’s technology makes this so much easier and I’ve managed to develop habits which suit my lifestyle. I try to keep my meals as balanced as possible and I do not cut out any food groups. I have now adapted to this lifestyle and know my portions, so no more counting calories. I do however sit on a Sunday evening and plan my meals for the week ahead.

I have always been very disciplined when it comes to packing breakfast and lunch for work so I don't have to buy any ‘convenient’ or ‘quick’ meals. My colleagues at work love to buy lunch and clients treat us with nice things so I am surrounded by nice food all the time but and I am proud to say that 97% of the time I say NO thank you – discipline is key. 

I was never the biggest fan of exercise, to me it was the biggest punishment ever. When I started the SleekGeek challenge last year, I set a goal to exercise at least 4 days a week for 20 minutes. We stay on a farm and I have two kids, so going to a gym is not an option. Luckily we have a home gym that I can use. I have learned to love exercise, it is part of my daily routine and I never skip a planned workout. I have worked myself up to exercise 5 days a week for 60 - 100minutes a day. Life is hectic between work, kids, homework, cooking, etc so I exercise at 3:45 in the morning to make it work. On my days off from work I train a little later in the morning so I don’t burn out, balance is key. I change my exercise routine every few weeks, but it is mostly a combination of weight lifting and cardio. There are some awesome apps out there if you are clueless! 

In June, it will be one year since I took on this new lifestyle approach, and yes I did lose a lot of weight before that but in all honesty the biggest change happened in the last year - mentally and physically. I don't weigh myself anymore, because the scale still says I lost 30kg but if I look at photos of how my body has changed in the last couple of months, it’s clear I have made more progress than what the scale shows. My only focus is on  looking better in the mirror and feeling great in my clothes. This is a big achievement in my journey because in the past, I would jump on the scale with every opportunity that I got.

I have learned that there is no quick fix, and there is no magic pill. It takes hard work, dedication, discipline and choosing health every time. Get to know your weaknesses and your strengths and use that as building blocks to a solid foundation. 

Make small changes every day, then focus on repeating the healthier choices. You are what you repeatedly do. Motivation isn’t always there, let discipline lead you. It soon becomes a habit and part of your daily routine - AKA a lifestyle.

Moving forward, I’ll be using the following supplements from CHROME to make more progress towards my goals: SNP CLA 1000, SNP L-Carnitine, 3D Nutrition Pre-Shock, 3D Nutrition Shred XT and 3d Nutrition Whey Isocon.

I have big dreams and goals to achieve, this is still only Success In Progress.

Together With CHROME

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