My weight loss journey started in 2014, where my weight was at 163kg.

I decided that this is it, I began my transformation which initially started with boxing for fitness and weight loss, slowly introducing gym into my life.

It started off extremely well losing the first 20kg with no real issue, however that is when the difficulties kicked in and I started to doubt if I would ever lose more. As hard as I tried, my weight wouldn't budge.

I then sought advice from my father, an ex bodybuilder - Mr South Africa winner for bodybuilding in 1991, who motivated me and gave me the best advice, helping me lose my final 43kg.

My total weight loss period was 2 years, which seems long but the advice from my father that kept me going was this: ''remember it took you 23 years to put the weight on, be patient while you are losing it."

I also throughout my entire weight loss journey used CHROME as my supplement store of choice, and the guys at the Bedfordview store always assisted with great advice, especially Ryan. I have carried on using CHROME for all my supplement needs as my journey changed paths to building muscle and once again, I turned to CHROME for the best advice.

In the future my goal is to create a body where I am happy at any point to take my shirt off. I also want to promote to everyone that if I can do it, so can they. It's all possible, even if they would like to contact me to chat and get motivation I'm always available to help.

Looking back on my journey, I want to firstly thank my father for all he has done for me and for still motivating me to push.

To CHROME, thank you and your team for the great advice and assistance whenever I need it, you played a big role in my transformation.

Together With CHROME

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