Other than leg day, cardio is probably the least popular aspect of training for most gym goers; however, if you want to get a shredded six pack and deep cut muscle separation then you will need to put in hours on the treadmill. Well, this is not entirely true. In fact, it is possible to achieve a ripped physique with little to no cardio whatsoever.

While eliminating cardio from your routine may sound too good to be true, it is possible to burn some serious fat without it. The one thing that you will have to keep in mind is that in order to do so, you will have to compensate in other areas to elicit the fat-burning results. It is not going to be easy, but if you truly despise cardio and would do anything to not to do it, then here are 4 things you are going to have to do.


1. Carb Cycling

We all know that the first thing you need to do when trying to get ripped is to start eating super clean. While clean eating and creating a calorie deficit are particularly important when trying to lose weight, if you are to cut out cardio completely, it may not be enough to get the single digit body fat percentage (or low to mid teens for ladies) you are after. So what now?

If you’re eating is perfectly clean and you have a decent deficit in your calories, in order to tighten up your diet even further, there is probably nothing more effective than carb cycling. Carb cycling can be done in a number of ways but the most common is to have 2-3 low carb days followed by a high carb day.

Try to schedule your high carb days for when you are training big muscle groups like legs and back.


2. Intermittent Fasting

While carb cycling is an excellent diet strategy to shred fat fast, by coupling this with an intermittent fasting regimen you will be taking your fat burning potential to a whole new level. Intermittent fasting is done by limiting eating periods to between 4-8 hours per day and fasting 16-20 hours. It can be extremely difficult to limit eating to just 4 hours a day so rather opt for eating periods of 6-8 hours. Try to schedule your eating period around your training to make sure that you can consume enough food to provide fuel for intense workouts and to exploit the post-workout anabolic window.

Intermittent fasting works by helping to lower blood insulin levels and by increasing growth hormone production and the amounts of norepinephrine in the body. All of these increase with the breaking down of body fat and to facilitate the use thereof for energy.


3. Supplement With A Fat Burner

In order to boost metabolism even further it is a good idea to supplement with a quality fat burner which utilises proven fat burning ingredients. Fat burners work to help with the release of fat from fat cells, the transport of the released fat lipids to muscle cells and the burning of said lipids for use as energy in the mitochondria.

Some of the best proven fat burning ingredients include:

  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • L-Carnitine
  • Synephrine


4. Giant Sets

Not only will giant sets help you to get in and out of the gym a lot faster, but this training technique will also help you to turn your body into a fat burning machine. By performing a number of exercises, usually 4 or more, back to back with little to no rest in between you will be keeping your heart rate up and boosting your metabolic rate.

In order to maximise muscle gain and fat burning potential, it is advised to keep your rep range between 8-10 reps with 10 seconds rest or less in between exercises. Once you have completed a round of exercises back to back, rest approximately 2 minutes before continuing with the next round.

This type of high intensity training works very similarly to HIIT cardio in that it will help to elicit positive hormonal responses (increases in testosterone & growth hormone) which will aid in both fat loss and muscle gain. Giant sets also work to stimulate a greater amount of muscle fibres which can further stimulate muscle growth potential.


5. Conclusion

Complete a 6-8 week cycle which incorporates all of the above aspects of nutrition, supplementation and training, and you will be able to burn serious amounts of body fat without even thinking about having to hit the treadmill.


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