Burning fat while building muscle is an age old dilemma. The reason for this is that losing fat or building muscle often require opposing actions. Think about it this way, in order to lose fat, you need to have a calorie deficit and in order to build muscle, you need to have a calorie surplus.
Because of these opposite actions, it is extremely difficult to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. However, it is possible to maintain your lean muscle mass while shredding that unwanted fat. This means that you will be able to keep your hard-earned gains while getting shredded, something I am sure every guy and girl that steps foot into the gym works towards.

That is why we have put together these 6 tips to help you keep your gains while losing that nasty blubber.


Compound lifts are a double edged sword. They are great for packing on lean muscle mass and for burning fat. Keeping these heavy will place a large stimuli on your muscle and help to release anabolic hormones (testosterone & growth hormone), both of which help with muscle growth. These two hormones also help to burn fat. Compound lifts also recruit a large number of muscle fibres and the more muscle is used, the more calories you will burn.


In any fat loss regimen, you will need to do cardio. But depending on the cardio you do, you will either maintain or destroy your hard-earned muscle. By doing low intense aerobic cardio like walking on the treadmill or taking an easy bike ride, you will be recruiting Type I muscle fibers which promote more blood circulation to help clear lactic acid build up and metabolic waste. This type of training also improves your aerobic energy system which can help support intense workouts and better recovery between sets meaning you can push harder and achieve greater results.


In order to maintain lean muscle mass, we need to ensure optimal protein intake, especially during a cutting phase. Because of protein’s slow digestion rate, it will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, warding off overeating, and your metabolism will be forced to work harder to process it meaning it will increase. Protein will also feed your muscles all the nutrients they need to prevent excessive muscle loss. So make sure to up your protein intake.


By consuming high GI carbs like dextrose post workout, you will be taking advantage of the powerful anabolic effects of insulin. By spiking insulin levels post workout, you will be driving nutrients like protein, creatine and BCAAs directly to the muscle cells. During this time, your body will not store excess carbs as fat but will help your damaged muscles fibers to recover and refuel.


BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and are stored within muscles. They can be used for energy during exercise and are great for building or maintaining lean muscle mass. During a cutting phase where we are trying to decrease calorie intake, these almost zero calorie BCAAs are an excellent alternative to high-calorie protein shakes.


Losing fat while maintaining lean muscle is an arduous task that requires patience. Yes, you can drop your calories drastically and lose fat fast, but chances are that you will lose muscle just as quick. Sticking a minimal calorie deficit will slowly eat away at fat stores while helping you to sacrifice as little muscle as possible. Drop by 200-300 calories every few weeks.

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