If you find your muscles become fatigued easily and you start to feel tired, this means that you probably aren’t able to perform at your peak. When you are subjected to this substandard training, you won’t be able to push as heavy or get out as many reps.

The problem with this is that you will not be challenging muscle fibers beyond their capability, which means you are unlikely to see any progress. Muscle fatigue can sometimes be in your head, especially when hitting the gym after a hard day, or week, at work. However, there are other factors which can influence this underwhelming performance. These include poor nutrition, dehydration, lack of sleep, over-training and a build-up of metabolic waste. In this article we are going to look at 3 ways to beat muscle fatigue.

Beat Muscle Fatigue By Ensuring You Have Pre-Workout Energy

When it comes to providing energy for your workout, nothing is more important than your pre-workout meal. Your meal should provide a healthy serving of protein and low GI complex carbs. The protein will help to fuel muscle growth while the complex carbs will help to provide a sustained energy release throughout your workout so you don’t hit a lull towards the end.

Your pre-workout supplement should contain a healthy dose of amino acids, creatine, beta-alanine, L-arginine (or similar NO boosting compound) and caffeine, taurine or other energy-giving substances. When combined with carbs, the amino acids help to promote protein synthesis. The creatine helps to replenish ATP levels and this along with beta-alanine, aids in muscle endurance and improves muscle contraction.

The NO booster helps to drive all of these nutrients to the muscle cell and helps with muscle pump. And lastly, the caffeine (or similar product) helps to enhance energy and mental focus.


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Beat Muscle Fatigue By Ensuring You Drink enough H2O.

Did you know that the more water your muscles contain, the better they are able to function? Dehydration can therefore lead to poor performance, electrolyte loss, and muscle soreness as we as muscle cramps. If you are taking a creatine supplement, it is even more important to ensure adequate hydration.

So prevent this, make sure you drink a minimum of 35-40ml per kg bodyweight per day. This must exclude the water you consume in the gym. And that reminds me, make sure you drink 500ml of water for every 30 minutes of exercise to replenish what is lost through training.

Beat Muscle Fatigue By Ensuring You Remember to Rest

Sounds simple right? But some people tend to underestimate the importance of rest, this includes sleep. It is the times when you are resting, and sleeping, that your muscles repair and recover. You can break them down in the gym as much as you want, but if you don’t allow them the opportunity to recover and grow, it is highly unlikely that you will see any real progress.
While we sleep, our growth hormone reach their peak, and as we know, GH is a highly anabolic hormone which promotes muscle growth, so I am sure we would all like to take advantage of this high release.

By incorporating these 3 simple techniques, you will be setting yourself up to beat the heck out of muscle fatigue. So eat right, drink up and get some good-old Zzzzzz’s.

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