Are you a runner or cyclist looking for a boost then make sure to toss the following seeds into your meals!


Sesame seeds are becoming more and more popular. Sesame seeds can help lower blood pressure, control glucose and now they can help you perform better during your next race as 1 cup can help deliver approx. 25 % of your daily magnesium requirement, but that’s not all, it also delivers roughly 28% of your total calcium daily requirement and 35% of copper.


Approx. 30grams of pumpkin seeds contains 40% of your recommended daily magnesium value. During intense training sessions your body will require more magnesium as without enough magnesium muscle weakness can occur.

Did you know that 30grams of flaxseed can provide you with approx. 100% of your daily omega-3 requirement? Omega-3 is not only essential for your health, but can also help reduce inflammation in the muscles after training, and if that is not enough it can also help you lose weight.


Studies have shown that these two minerals can help protect muscle and is also a great anti-oxidant!

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