What time do you prefer working out? If it’s in the afternoon you might stand a good chance to burn more fat and build more lean muscle according to small study done by Tim Scheedt at the University of Southern Mississippi. Tim took only 16 trained bodybuilders (which is why the study is required small) and came across some interesting result, however more studies are needed to officially confirm these statements.


Scheedt took 16 bodybuilders and he split their training times between am (before 10) and pm (after 6). The subjects trained each large muscle group twice a week, and worked out a total of 4 days a week over 10 weeks. The training sessions consisted of 45 minutes weight training and 45 minutes cardio.




After 10 weeks a small difference was noted. Both groups achieved the same amounts of muscle strength however, Scheedt noticed that the am groups fat free mass only increase with 0.6% while the pm group increase with 2.6% more, which indicates that the PM group built more muscle during the 10 weeks. But that’s not all, the pm group also managed to drop more fat over the 10 week period.

It’s believed that the time at which your training is done can determine your progression due to the fact that your testosterone and cortisol ratio is more favourable in the afternoons. Most individuals also claim that they are stronger in the evenings which allows them to lift more weight which increases overall workload and volume. Then lastly it’s believed that your metabolism declines in the evenings and by training at this time you force your body to ramp it up, however Scheedt is still not convinced that this evidence is adequate enough to make an official claim, one thing is for sure, more studies are needed.


If you have been training early mornings and you feel that the results are unfavourable it can’t hurt to try and move to evening workouts. Give it a try and let us know what happens.

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