Besides boosting egos, increasing strength also promotes muscle growth. So if you have reached a plateau and you are no longer able to progress to heavier and heavier weights, here are 3 ways to enhance your lifting potential and re-ignite muscle growth.

1. Increase Strenth By Increase Sets

When it comes to our main compound lifts, most people often do 3-4 sets, but in order to increase the load capacity of your muscles, try and do 6-8 sets with the same number of reps as you do for 3-4 sets. This technique trains your muscle to endure heavy weight loads for an extended period and is designed to increase muscle endurance capacity.

Do this for 4 weeks and when you return to doing 3-4 sets, you will be able to push more weight than before.

2. Increase Strength by Doing Negative Reps

When performing a lift, there are two movements namely the concentric (lifting) and the eccentric (lowering). The concentric movement is the weaker movement of the lift and the eccentric is the strongest part.

Keeping that in mind, providing additional stress on the eccentric movement is a fantastic way to help break the dreaded lifting plateau. We can do this by slowing down this movement. I would suggest performing this part of the movement for 5-6 seconds before pushing the weight back up.

Do this for a few weeks and you will increase the overall strength of your lift.

3. Increase Strength by Busting Your One-Rep Max

Most people don’t train to try and push their one rep max; but if you do, then try to bust your one rep max instead of doing your working sets first. Once you have warmed up, put a few kgs more on the bar than you have ever done before, so more than your one rep max, and try to get one rep out.

You definitely going to need a spotter for this so don’t try doing it alone. Rest for 3-4 minutes and the repeat a one rep max but at the weight you usually lift for this. Suddenly, the weight you generally use becomes a lot easier to push. You will be surprised at what you can actually push as opposed to what your brain tells you you can push. This technique trains / fools you into thinking the weight is lighter than previously thought.

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