Building a wide, round set of boulder shoulders is vital for achieving a well-balanced physique. It is the one muscle group which can be seen from the front, side and back which means that there is no getting away from it. You can’t hide them like you do your skinny legs under a baggy pair of jeans. Plus, if you really want to fill out your t-shirt, a strong broad pair of shoulders is a definite must.

One of the major problems when it comes to growing shoulders is that they are a very durable muscle as they take a lot of pounding each and every day, very much like calves. Think about it this way, every move you make with your arms requires your shoulder muscles to work. Whether you are carrying in the groceries from your car or lifting your child and up and down, your delts are always working. It is therefore no surprise that it really takes an intense workout to make them sore and stiff.

While DOMS are not theoretically attributed to muscle growth, if you are not getting sore from your workout, then A, you are not training hard enough or B, you have been doing the same workout for too long and your muscles have adapted. Either way, it is time to make a change. So to help you train harder and subject your muscles to a new stimulus, we have created the Drop Set Delt Destroyer.

The Drop Set Delt Destroyer Workout will push you to encourage progressive overload by increasing training volume and intensity.

The drop sets will force blood into your shoulders, and with the increased amount of blood, a whole lot more oxygen and nutrients which is required to help you grow. But be warned, your shoulders are going to feel like they are on fire with the insane amount of lactic acid build-up.

To help you buffer the lactic, I would suggest supplementing with beta-alanine before your workout so that you can squeeze out that extra rep or two before the lactic acid burn becomes too bad. Because the workout is intense and will require muscular endurance, it is also a good idea to supplement with creatine in order to help restore your rapidly depleting ATP.


Nutritech Creatine HCL

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Before we get into the workout, let me explain what exactly a drop set is and why this training technique is so effective.

Definition of drop sets – a technique where you perform an exercise until failure and then drop, or reduce, the weight and immediately continue to perform more reps.

Drop sets are such an effective training technique as they push your muscle past momentary failure and start to recruit different muscle fibers in order to complete the work; and the more muscle fibers work, the more muscle your are coaxing to grow.

Dropsets can be done for as many sets, or drops, as you would like but 2-3 drops is more than sufficient to elicit maximum muscle fiber stimulation.


Exercise Set Rep Rest Dropset Notes
Machine Shoulder Press 4 12, 10, 10, 8×3 90 sec On your last set, do 2 drop sets by decreasing the weight by 20% with each set. Try to get 6-8 reps on each drop set.
Upright Row 3 12, 10, 10×2 60 sec On your last set, do 1 drop sets by decreasing the weight by 30%. Try to get 8-10 reps on each drop set.
Side Lateral Raise 3 10×3, 8×3, 6×3 90 sec With each set, do 2 drop sets by decreasing the weight 20% with each set. Example – 20kg, 16kg, 12kg
Bent-Over Side Lateral Raise 3 10, 8×2, 8×3 90 sec Do a single drop set on the 2nd set and 2 drops on the 3rd set by decreasing the weight 25% with each set.
Front Cable Raise 3 12, 10, 8×3 90 sec On your last set, do 2 drop sets by decreasing the weight by 20% with each set.
Standing barbell Shoulder Press 2 15, 15 60 sec To really finish off the shoulders, complete 2 sets of 15 reps each.


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