Squats are considered one of the big three compound lifts used to elicit both gains in strength and muscle mass. When performed with great intensity, the body produces an increased amount of the powerful anabolic hormones testosterone and growth hormone. Not only does this move help to build muscle and strength, it also burns a huge amount of calories and helps you incinerate fat. Squats have gotten a bad reputation in the past because if performed incorrectly can result in serious injury; however, if done with the correct form, this power move can elicit serious results.

Here are 7 reasons why you NEED to squat!

1. Builds Mass

The main focus of the barbell squat is to pack on muscle to the quads. It also hits the hamstrings, glutes, calves and lower back. Not just that, this big compound move also promotes gains in muscle mass throughout the body. The reason for this is because of the anabolic effect this exercise has on the human body. When you squat with intensity (using either weight or volume), the body releases natural testosterone and growth hormone which in turn promote full body growth.

2. Good For The Cardiovascular System

Because you use most major and minor muscles in the body when you squat, your body requires a huge amount of oxygen to be carried throughout the body. This sends your heart into overdrive and promotes cardiovascular functionality. There is are very few weight training exercises which will get your heart racing quite like a decent squat.

3. Burns Fat

Because of the high intensity of this exercise, your body utilises a lot of energy to complete it. This means that burn a tremendous amount of calories which in turn to promote fat loss. Couple this with increased testosterone and growth hormone and the squat turns your body into a fat burning machine.

4. Improve Mobility

Squats are one the best functional exercises you can do. Not only does it engage the lower body but it also works the core to promote stability. The squat also helps to promote flexibility in the lower body.

5. Decrease Risk Of Sports Injury

Because you getting stronger, more flexible and improve your stability with squats, you are able to decrease the risk of getting a sports injury. Squats helps to strengthen connective tissue and stabiliser muscles which allows you to be more mobile and agile.

6. Improves Sport Performance

Did you know that athletes who squat regularly not only run faster but are also able to jump higher? Being faster, stronger and more agile will help to improve overall performance in all physical activity.

7. Other Health Benefits

According to a plethora of studies, squats not only help to increase strength, muscle mass and performance, they also help to improve your IQ, reduce pain, decrease the rate of aging, cure sleeplessness and strengthen the bones. With such a tremendous array of benefits, there should be absolutely no reason why you are not squatting in the gym.

So get out and get squatting!


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