Everyone wants to rock a ripped out, shredded physique for summer and why not? It is the ideal time as it is beach season and we get to wear fewer clothes than usual. Another great thing is that we don’t tend to get as hungry in the summer heat so it is easier to stick to that low calorie diet which keeps the fat off.

That being said, in order for us to achieve this muscular shredded perfection, we need to possess a good quantity of lean muscle mass. That is where the winter bulking tips comes into play. Here are 5 training tips to help you gain quality muscle mass this winter.


Most of us love chasing the pump through isolation work but when it comes to putting on some serious size, compound lifts are the way to go. Compound moves allow you to work a number of muscle groups at a time. This enables you to lift heavier loads and build more strength. Another great aspect of compound exercises is that they cause a positive hormonal response that is advantageous for packing on lean muscle and for burning unwanted fat. A great example of this is the increase in testosterone and growth hormone levels after performing a leg shattering set of squats.

Main areas to focus on:


After you have finished off pushing out some big compound lifts (mentioned in point number 1), try and hit a drop set or three. Straight after you have completed your last set, try dropping the weight by 10% and perform another set. Depending on how you feel, try dropping the weight another 10% and do another set. If you are still able to continue, try doing this for a third set. Performing dropsets is a fantastic way to amass more volume and to really push stubborn muscle fibers to their absolute limits.


Because we are unable to work both fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers simultaneously with a specific lift, we need to incorporate the strength-aerobic technique. If we change the performance of an exercise a wee bit with this technique, we are able to focus on either the fast or slow-twitch fibers. To use the strength-aerobic technique, choose a big compound lift like bench press or squats. Push the weight for 5 heavy sets until you become fatigued. Straight after this, drop the weight substantially and concentrate on ‘ tempo training ’. This will focus on working the slow-twitch muscle fibers.


Yes, resting for long periods between sets will allow you to push heavier weights but if your main goal is to add on muscle mass, keeping your rest periods between 30-60 seconds is ideal. Keeping this type of intensity will increase lactate levels, growth hormone and maximize hypertrophy.


Force the body to increase its ability to buffer the amassing lactate, thereby improving the ability to withstand near maximal or maximal contractions over a given period of time.


Short rest period training has been shown to intensify growth hormone levels when compared to training with longer rest periods.


Shorter rest periods in conjunction with medium to high training volume is shown to maximize hypertrophy.


Besides keeping excess body fat to a minimum, low-intensity cardio also helps build the peripheral vascular network. What this essentially does is help increase blood flow. This increased blood flow then carries nutrients to our muscles; and without this nutrients, our muscles would not be able to grow.


If you are looking to put on some decent size during this winter period, try and incorporate these 5 training tips and get ready to put on some serious muscle mass!!!


Nutrition is going to play the most important role in your muscle building phase! With that said, you will have to consume roughly 500 – 1000 calories more than usual. A quality mass-builder is something that can help you get in the extra calories with ease.


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