Bacon and eggs. Hamburgers and milkshakes. Movies and popcorn. There are things out there that are so good together, you can’t imagine them by themselves. Or, they just don’t taste nearly as good without their counterparts. Unknowingly, supplements are very similar in that their effects are made double by their matrimony. Make sure to get the most out of your supplements by grouping these together.


Casein is a slow-digesting protein source that usually takes between 6-8 hours to digest. The best time to take casein is before you sleep because this will deliver a consistent flow of amino acids while you sleep, enhancing your recovery and muscle growth. However, it is a very difficult to digest protein (hence why it takes so long), so the body may not be able to use it efficiently.

This is where probiotics come in. They greatly improve your body’s ability to digest these types of proteins, thus increasing your nutrient uptake. It does this by increasing bacteria in the gut that breaks food down. Combining these two together will significantly increase your absorption of protein from casein, reducing the soreness felt in the muscle, as well as improve post-workout recovery.


SNP Digestive Enzymes Complex

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This is the foundation of any decent strength and size supplement protocol, or at least it should be. Creatine is the most researched performance enhancing supplement, used by everyone from the novice to the pinnacle professionals in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strongmen. It just works. Not only has nearly every single study proved its effectiveness, it has decades of positive endorsement just from use. The way it works is that it replenishes your ATP levels (the main source of energy for the muscle), giving you a greater exercise intensity.

Beta-Alanine increase carnosine stores within the body to replenish hydrogen ions, in order to prolong your training intensity before you feel that “burning” sensation in the muscle. Combined together, you not only give the muscle more energy to use during training, but you also keep fatigue at bay, allowing you to push harder, for longer. Pre-workouts usually contain a mixture of these two compounds.


Caffeine is the most common ingredient in any fat burner because of the ability to increase your resting energy expenditure (metabolism), and elevate the amount of fat that is broken down during exercise. While caffeine is incredibly effective, the unique benefits of Green Tea Extract should not be neglected. The active ingredient in Green Tea Extract is called EGCG, and is a powerful bioflavonoid anti-oxidant, along with giving you caffeine as well. There are various fat burners on the market that contain these two powerful fat blasting compounds.


The benefits of caffeine are already known, and pretty much everyone utilises caffeine in some way or another. Not only does caffeine assist in speeding up fat loss, it is also effective at enhancing cognitive focus during training. L-Theanine is a great addition to caffeine, as it promotes anti-stress damage to the body, as well as promote cognitive focus and brain relaxation at the same time, by lowering alpha wave activity. The combination of these two is often found to enhance focus, alertness, and even mood.

Next time you are looking to maximise the effects of your favourite, consider these combinations of ingredients to give you more bang for your buck.

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