From its discovery in 1832, creatine has been the most talked about and controversial supplement on the market. Topics from “does it work” to “is it safe?” and everything in between has been an ongoing string of debates when it comes to creatine.

But to say that it’s the most important supplement for muscle growth is a very bold claim. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why creatine is the best to have in your muscle-building arsenal and solidify why it stands above the rest. So, what we’re going to do is have a look at some facts showing us why creatine should be a staple in your fitness journey

Creatine helps you produce more energy:

Creatine greatly helps in the formation and production of ATP in the body, a vital energy source that your body uses for many key functions and, in our case, for exercise. Your body has a limit to how fast it can produce ATP in times of strenuous work and creatine greatly improves this rate. In other words, more energy equals more intensity for longer periods which subsequently means better muscle stimulus. Better muscle stimulus equals muscle growth.

Creatine can boost protein synthesis:

A study done at the University of Louvain in Belgium showed that creatine greatly increased the formation of proteins used for the body to produce more muscle

Creatine can boost IGF-1 levels in the body:

The same study mentioned above showed an increase in IGF-1. For those who are unfamiliar, IGF-1 is a hormone that plays a significant role in childhood growth and has extremely anabolic effects in adults. So you can imagine how a natural boost in this hormone can greatly aid muscle growth goals (and no, that doesn’t make creatine a steroid).

Creatine increases cell volumisation: 

Cell volumisation is a term that refers to the muscle cells being able to hold more water (water in the muscle, not under the skin as most people believe). Cell volumisation increases in muscular strength and rapid muscle growth.

Creatine may decrease myostatin levels:

Myostatin is the hormone responsible for limiting how much muscle your body is allowed to hold. A study done at Arak University in Iran showed that creatine may have had an effect on decreasing myostatin levels during resistance training. I.E. creatine may be a possible limit remover on your genetics.

Creatine speeds up recovery:

Thus helping you put on muscle at a rate faster than normal (or if you weren’t using it). A study done at the University of Belgium demonstrated just this, where a control group gained 2 kg less in 6 weeks than the contrasting group who took creatine for that duration of that time.

The bottom line is this: Creatine is probably the most studied supplement in the world and has time and again shown to produce far more benefits than its other bottled counterparts on the shelves. Not only that, it’s safe to use and, contrary to the belief of most parents, not illegal or remotely similar to steroids in its structure. It is just nature’s super potion. If you haven’t made creatine a part of your daily supplement regimen, you’re seriously missing out.


SSA Creatine Supreme

Creatine is nature’s superpower formula. It is the most tried and tested supplement since its discovery in 1832 and its introduction to mainline use in the early 1990s. Linford Christie won the 1992 Olympic 100 meters as the only athlete on creatine, and the All Black rugby team was the first sports team to use it extensively.

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Whether a long lifting session or a tough date on the field, Creatine5000™ provides the tools for muscle recovery so you can train just as hard the next day.

Insane Labz Insane Creatine

Everyone knows creatine leads to greater gains in size and strength in the weight room. Creatine is used by your body to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is used by every cell your body as energy. When you work out and your muscles contract, your body is using ATP. With Insane Creatine, you will be able to lift more weight each workout, and recover between each set quicker.

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