Muscle pumps are pretty much the greatest feeling in the world. Not only do you look massive, but it feels like you are literally going to tear your skin off, and how could anyone not feel powerful? Aside from the aesthetic appeal, muscle pumps are directly correlated with muscle growth. The better the pump, the better we feel, the harder we train, the more muscle we grow. We have taken it one step further. Now you can get area specific muscle pump enhancement. Yup, better muscle pumps exactly where you want them.


Nitro Pump Gel combines arginine, caffeine, and Bioperine into one muscle swelling concoction, designed to increase blood flow through vasodilation to a targeted area. Arginine is noted as the most effective vasodilator we could use, but our body destroys 80% of it once we ingest it orally. The result is the remaining arginine is broken down into ornithine and L-citrulline. Ornithine is just a by-product (waste), so it is expelled from the body, and Citrulline then acts as the vasodilator. This means that out a total amount of gross vasodilating materials, we only use 10, maybe 15% of it.

While citrulline is effective, arginine is really what we want in our bloodstream because the higher the concentration of arginine in the bloodstream, the more we produce Nitric Oxide (N.O.) which is the real hero here. This is because arginine is a direct precursor to NO production, just like leucine activates MPS.

This is why we have developed Nitro Pump Gel, using our patented Vaso-Pump Technology, with a transdermal application of arginine so that it doesn’t need to be digested first. This results in up to 90% of the arginine being absorbed, increasing arginine concentrations dramatically. Furthermore, because it bypasses the digestive system, it doesn’t need to be broken down, making the effects instant as well as eliminating waste material. Add to this the fact that you can apply it directly where you want it, and the result is an increase in the concentration of N.O. exactly where you want it.

Simply put, instead of getting a gramme of arginine spread throughout the entire body, you get a gramme of arginine (that hasn’t been wasted) in one specific area.

Should you stop taking an oral arginine? Definitely not, because this will still yield greater blood flow throughout the body, it is still an essential component of a great workout. However, Nitro Pump Gel gives you that extra edge and unlocks your true muscle growth potential. And, it makes you look massive, and isn’t that what we are all after, after all.


3D Nutrition Nitro Pump Gel

3D Nutrition Nitro Pump Gel is the next dimension in pump technology. There are various factors that could hinder optimal digestion of pump inducing compounds when taken orally. We have formulated Nitro Pump-Gel for this very reason, ensuring that you get the pumps exactly where you want them.

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