All serious fitness fanatics and dream-body chasers know that finding the right combination of food, supplements and training schedules gets increasingly more difficult as time progresses. You stall, reach plateaus, change things up, break said plateaus and then go through it all over again. In this cycle of always changing things to break past limits, we try to find things that are consistent. Things that we can rely on no matter what phase of our training we find ourselves in.

Previously we have discussed the mind-blowing effects of creatine and how having it in your everyday stack would prove to be an invaluable asset to your arsenal and one that you could rely on consistently. We’re going to look at another supplement that proves to be almost just as valuable as creatine is.

Cue: Beta-Alanine

There are 4 marked effects of Beta-Alanine that could really take your exercise performance and physique to the next level.

1. Boosts explosive muscular strength and power output.

Keeping in mind that our ability to get stronger most often directly reflects on our ability to get bigger. Progressive overload is a principle well-held amongst veteran litters as a rule of thumb to ensure that one is always growing. Adding beta-alanine to your stack is a sure-fire way to ensure that this happens. Evidence? Amongst others, a study by Hoffman J. revealed that men who were resistant trained had seen an overall increase in their lifting strength and power. It is also interesting to note that the power output effects of creatine are enhanced when coupled with beta-alanine.

2. Increases muscle mass.

As stated in the previous point, progressive overload equals gain equal strength increase equals more gains, etc. A study conducted by Kern BD, had two groups undergo the same training regimes and dietary protocols. The first group was supplemented with beta-alanine while the other group wasn't. Group 1 saw a much higher increase in lean muscle mass than their counterparts in group 2 by the end of the study.

3. Boosts muscular anaerobic endurance and aerobic endurance.

The number of studies conducted on this particular aspect of athletic performance is a testament to the astonishing effects of beta-alanine. Athletes in all spheres have noted a rather significant increase in their ability to push harder for longer. Again, when coupled with creatine, the benefits received are compounded.

4. Increases exercise neural function.

A very interesting thing to note is how beta-alanine reduces an individual’s perception of fatigue. In other words, when you think you're exhausted and pretty much tapped out is delayed and allows you to continue pushing even past when you would normally feel tired (or at least when you think you would).  The power of the mind is incredible and beta-alanine improves this aspect of physical performance and pursuits.

So how do we take this incredible supplement?

A dose of 3g - 6g daily would be a great range to work With. However, keep in mind that taking a dose like this all at once may result in that tingly feeling that most people get when they take a pre-workout. This sensation is known as paraesthesia. Some people love it and a lot more people dislike it. To avoid this sensation, spread your selected total dose out and take them separately during the day. And don't worry, doing this, won't diminish its effects before your session.

With all these extraordinary benefits as a result of supplementing your goals with Beta-Alanine, making sure it becomes part of your stack will take you a long way in a much shorter period of time


SSA Beta Alanine

An extremely useful product that is amongst the top performers in the supplement industry, Beta Alanine serves to make sure you can push yourself to new heights and, by doing so, create room for new growth and development. What’s more is that it doesn’t need to be cycled. It is one of the few products that help strength and endurance athletes equally.

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