Using products that not only assist during a workout but also post-workout is beyond beneficial. SSA Recovery Amino X2 packs that and a whole bunch more.

Amino acids, often referred to as the building blocks of proteins, are compounds that play many critical roles in your body. They are needed for vital processes like the building of protein synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. SSA Supplements brings this and many more benefits to their product.

SSA Recovery Amino X2 is a super concentrated combination of BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) produced to the highest standards to ensure optimal amino acid intake and usage. For me, SSA Recovery Amino X2 is a natural way to boost athletic performance and/or improve my mood. SSA Supplements has ensured their formulation is well rounded by including taurine (another building block of protein), glutamine (the most abundant free amino acid in the body) and glycine (this amino acid is vital in the production of proteins in all organisms), thus one is guaranteed a top class product from SSA.

Many benefits I have personally experienced while using SSA Recovery Amino x2 are:

  • A huge reduction in muscular fatigue (adding even more benefits to this is the fact that I can give my all during my strength and/or weigh training workouts and I can push through an entire week of intense training with no muscular fatigue occurring.)
  • A reduction in muscle soreness from training (again; highly beneficial for me considering the amount of weight training I do in a week.)
  • An increase in lean muscle mass (as a fitness bikini competitor this comes particularly handy in the final weeks leading up to a competition.)
  • Preservation of lean muscle mass (again, such an important factor in the last few vital weeks of cutting before a competition, but is great for those on a weight loss programme to help reach that final cut in your weight loss journey.)

Not only does SSA Recovery Amino X2 bring so many benefits to the table, this product is affordable, tastes amazing (I am currently drinking the Tropical Punch) and really aids in the final stages of weight loss. Perfect to add to your intra workout or sip on during the day to aid in that vital muscle recovery.

The 3:1:1 blend of SSA Recovery Amino X2 comes in two amazing flavours: the one I’m currently using (Tropical Punch) as well as Mango Orange Splash. Two very refreshing flavours that keep you hydrated and help with endurance.

Author: Megan Wesson


SSA Recovery Amino X2

SSA Amino X2 is a super concentrated combination of BCAAs produced to the highest standards to ensure optimal amino acid intake and usage. This 3:1:1 blend is a perfect mix of all the necessary Amino Acids needed to ensure that your muscle gain, energy or fat loss goals are well handled.

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