When it comes to supplementing with multivitamins, there is an on-going debate to whether it is necessary or not. Theoretically, if you have a well structured, fully comprehensive diet, then you should be getting in all of the vital vitamins and minerals required to keep you body functioning at optimal levels; however, when it comes to bodybuilding and the fitness industry, most athletes diets are structured to elicit muscle gain or fat loss. These diets often lack specific food groups and in the case of weight loss, are often in a calorie deficit; meaning that they are not consuming enough nutrients to fuel the body optimally. As a result, there are often big gaps in their nutrition and they therefore do not ingest sufficient doses of these crucial vitamins and minerals.

In order to fill these gaps in nutrition, supplementing with a highly-dosed, quality multivitamin can assist to keep the body firing on all cylinders thereby aiding both muscle gain, weight loss and improving overall health.

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In this review we are going to be taking a look at SNP’s Multivitamin Sport. SNP, or Superior Natural Performance, is a newly launched health and wellness brand which is formulated to supply the increased demand of various vitamins, minerals and other health products to the hard-working athlete.




As you can see from the SNP’s Multivitamin nutritional information table below, the product contains a complete range of both vitamins and minerals along with a few additional ingredients to add to efficacy of the product. Another winning aspect of SNP is that all of the raw ingredients in their products are A-grade quality which means that you are getting the highest possible standard of vitamins and minerals in their recommended doses.


Vitamin A Besides supporting the immune system, vitamin A also helps to keep skin and vision healthy.
B Vitamins B Vitamins are well known for providing energy but this vitamin group is also crucial for proper nerve and digestive system functioning. These include all B vitamins, Folic Acid & Biotin.
Vitamin C Assist with immune system support and protects against free radical cell damage.
Vitamin D Assists with the absorption and use of calcium which in turn strengthens the bones.
Vitamin E This vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect against cell damage.
Zinc Assists with support of the immune system.


Chromium Acts to strengthen connective tissue.
Iodine Promotes thyroid hormone synthesis.
Iron Assists with the transport of oxygen within protein haemoglobin.
Manganese Acts as a co-factor in energy production and assists with the activation of many enzymes.
Molybdenum Supports normal liver and kidney health.
Potassium Used for a number of bodily functions including in Autonomic Nervous System (heart beat, brain function).
Selenium When combined with vitamin E it works as an extremely powerful antioxidant.


Spirulina Spirulina not only helps to boost energy, improve endurance and reduce fatigue, but it also helps to improve the immune system and support organs like the heart, liver and kidneys. It acts a natural detoxifier which oxygenates the blood and removes toxins and other impurities from the body.


When it comes to multivitamins, it is very difficult to judge the effectiveness on the product in terms of effect as the processes it typically assists with occur on a cellular level. That being said, if you have a deficiency in these vitamins and minerals, you may notice more common side effects like compromised immune and digestive systems etc. Supplementing with a multivitamin is more of a preventative measure to counteract deficiencies so that the bodies normal functioning can go on as usual. Think about it this way, if your body isn’t functioning correctly, how can you expect it to help build muscle or breakdown fat?


Despite being a well-formulated product, SNP has managed to keep their retail price extremely competitive. The product contains a 30 day supply for a retail price of R189.00. That means that for just over R6 per day, you can make sure that you are bridging any nutritional deficiency and ensuring that there is no opposition to your muscle gain and fat loss efforts due to inhibited internal functioning on a cellular level.


Overall SNP has formulated an extremely comprehensive Multivitamin which is tailor made for individuals who have an increased physical demand. With a great product combined with a good price, SNP’s Multivitamin Sport is well-worth the investment if you are serious about achieving results and maintaining overall health.

Try SNP Multi Vitamin Sport For Yourself

SNP Multi Vitamin Sport

SNP Multi Vitamin SPORT is a high potency multivitamin and mineral, formulated for athletes and individuals with fast-paced lifestyles. The vitamin and mineral profile is formulated to support the needs of avid athletes, and highly stressed individuals whose immune systems are compromised by increased stress-related cortisol.


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