Have you ever felt sticky and smelly from a self-tanner? Or struggling to do it yourself? If you have tried a few different self-tanners as I have you will know what I am talking about.

Last year I decided to try Pro tan. My husband ordered a bottle from Chrome for me, we shopped around and found the best price at Chrome. He usually helps me to apply my tan. The day my bottle arrived at the home and I started to apply it, when my husband came to help I was almost done, yes with my back as well. It is so easy to apply, I call Pro Tan my foolproof tan.

You receive a mitten with the tan, you just spray the tan on the mitten and apply with light strokes all over your body. You might need some help with your backside just to make sure you do not leave spots open, but if you can reach you wouldn’t have a problem. It does not make a mess where you do your spray, and when you have a drop or two somewhere it is easy to clean up.

The tan has a pleasant smell, feels lite on the skin and it does not run or wipe away. What I love the most about this tan is, it looks very natural, even when you go darker, and you do not have to stress about ending up orange. The tan last about a week with one application but will be darker and last longer the more coats you apply.  

I use it for a competition tan and for everyday use. When I use it as a competition than I will apply a coat every night the week before my competition, and on show day I apply my last coat and I am dark enough for the stage. You will see so much definition with this tan.  Even a great idea to use this before a photo shoot.

I do not get in the sun so much as I used to, and missed that tanned look, but do not want to harm my skin with the sun. I enjoy this natural looking tan on me. You will see the difference when applying the tan, it will get darker within 3- 5 hours.



  • Use a good scrub before you apply Pro Tan
  • Do not shave before you apply the tan
  • Do not use moisturizer before applying
  • Make sure skin is dry and do not let your tan get wet before it isn’t completely dry, it will leave marks
  • Allow 30 minutes to dry if you apply more than one coat before you put on clothes or get in contact with water
  • Take a shower to see the natural tan and wash off the excess colour.
  • Do not use deodorant when your tan is wet
  • Use a mirror

Pro Tan Overnight Competition Color

The Ultimate Competition tanning formula allows you to achieve a deep dark, long lasting tan after just one easy application. Best of all…your tan won't run or streak and fades just like a natural tan after 5-7days. This unique formula will not interfere with natural or sun bed tanning and does not contain a sun screen. This product has been trusted by fitness athletes all over the world for nearly 25 years.

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