Pre-workout supplements have become a part of everybody’s supplement stack, evolving from a very basic construct, into something that has made itself quite important in the arsenal of any lifter, or any physical activity for that matter.

MAXPRE is the latest offering in Nutritech’s line of pre-workout supplements and promises to introduce, and I quote; “A New World Order”. Reading the ingredients list, it sure does seem to bring some pretty heavy firepower with it, and perhaps live up to its name.



MAXPRE sticks to a simple energy complex comprising of Caffeine and 3g of carbohydrates, but what really caught the eye, was that per double serving it delivers a whopping 450mg of caffeine. This coupled with L-Taurine, will definitely get you buzzing around the gym floor.

*It is important to note that because of the high caffeine content, it is recommended to start with a single serving to assess tolerance. If a double serving is taken, it is vital to drink plenty of water, and know that this amount of caffeine will elevate your heart rate considerably, check with your doctor before consuming.


MAXPRE includes a 750mg dose of a patented Arginine solution known as Nitrosigine®, which is a stabilised bonded arginine silicate designed to induce a higher production of NO3 in the blood, resulting in a better pump. This coupled with other elements such as Beta-Alanine, L-Citrulline, Betaine, and Creatine HCL, all to intensify the swelling of the muscle fibres, and veins all over.

*However, a double serving may result in not ‘feeling’ the pump, as the high amount of caffeine might take away from that extreme pump feeling.


MAXPRE also includes D-Aspartic Acid which has been clinically proven to increase the production of testosterone specifically during the day, as well as Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, to assist with preventing muscle catabolism during your workout.


MAXPRE is available in 5 different flavours; Chernobyl Cherry, Gamma Grape, Badland Berry, Lethal Lime, and Patriot Punch, and are all quite tasty as far as pre-workout goes.


MAXPRE retails for R399 for 560g, providing 33 single servings. This works out to R12,09 per serving, and R24,18 per double serving. It is recommended that you start with a single serving to assess tolerance and increase the dosage in increments of half a scoop to reach the desired dosage.

Try Nutritech Max Pre For Yourself

Nutritech Max Pre

Introduces Nitrosigine® to the market with the maximum dose of the pump intensifying FDA approved and patented arginine and silicate bonded complex. Nitrosigine® is scientifically engineered to significantly boost nitric oxide levels, delivering benefits to those engaged in fitness training programs.


MAXPRE is a decent addition to the Nutritech line, as well as to the list of pre-workouts out on the market. As a whole, it offers a trusted ingredient profile, and for a reasonable price as well. On a personal note, however, this is a pre-workout that I would say is for those individuals who have a high stimulant tolerance, as those who are not might not be able to focus during the workout.

A single serving and a half is more than sufficient generally speaking, but if you want to try a double serving, I would suggest taking a single serving before the workout, then sip on the other serving as you train, to spread the caffeine out.


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