After reading an article which was published on the CHROME website titled “Improve Your Memory With Phosphatidyl Serine”, I felt this was a supplement I just had to try – and I’m glad I did!

As quoted from the article referenced above: “Phosphatidyl serine was originally discovered in 1941 and became very popular worldwide after clinical trials conducted in Italy showed it to be very effective in memory enhancement.”

Upon further reading and additional research, I discovered that not only is phosphatidyl serine beneficial for memory enhancement, it can also enhance your cognitive function and contribute towards stress relief – once again, this left me with no choice but to give this supplement a try.

I got my hands on a bottle of NOW Foods Phosphatidyl Serine and tried it out immediately, in the middle of my work day. Just after I’d eaten lunch, I took 1 capsule with a sip of water, plugged my earphones into my ears and got back to work. The effects were instant. When I looked up again, I’d been more productive and got more work done in about 1.5 hours than I had the whole morning – this was as a result of feeling super zoned-in and laser focused on the task at hand. I didn’t get distracted easily and it felt like I was able to think a lot clearer and process information more easily. 

At first, I told myself this was just the placebo effect and that because I probably wanted this supplement to work, I’d subconsciously tricked myself into feeling the supposed effects of it. I’m generally skeptical when it comes to these kinds of things. However, the next day, I took it again and felt the exact same effects. I literally felt more efficient than usual, more productive than usual and there’s no doubt I got through more work than I usually would have in the same amount of time.

After hearing someone at work talk about how they take a serving of NOW Foods Phosphatidyl Serine with their pre-workout before heading to gym, I decided I’d give this a go too.

Best. Workout. Ever.

I felt a much stronger mind-muscle connection, which we all know is a key factor in muscle growth and development. I didn’t get distracted once throughout my entire session – something which generally tends to happen to me about halfway through my workout. The laser-like focus I experienced was very noticeable. I knew why I was at gym, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and I got the most out of every rep and set. Leaving the gym, I genuinely felt on top of the world because of the incredible workout I’d just had, which left me feeling motivated and excited to take on the rest of the day.


Recommended Dosage

The recommended serving size for NOW Foods Phosphatidyl Serine is 1 capsule, 1 to 3 times daily, preferably with food. One capsule contains 100mg of phosphatidyl serine and according to multiple studies, a dose of 200mg – 400mg of phosphatidyl serine per day for adults seems to be optimal for attention improvement and cognitive decline preventative effects.

I’ve incorporated NOW Foods Phosphatidyl Serine into my daily supplement regimen as follows:

  • 1 Capsule in the morning, with my pre-workout, just before gym.
  • 1 Capsule during the day, just before I’m about to tackle a large amount of work or a task which requires my full attention.
  • 1 Capsule in the evening, just before I spend a few hours working, but only if I’m really feeling distracted and demotivated to put in the hours. 

I’ve been using NOW Foods Phosphatidyl Serine for 3 weeks now and it feels like the effects grow marginally stronger every day. Along with an increase in my focus and concentration, I regularly catch myself being able to recall memories quicker and more easily than before – I just feel ‘more intelligent’ in general, it’s incredible. There’s no doubt that I will continue to take this supplement every day for the foreseeable future. I generally cycle off of it on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, just to take a break from it and not get too dependent on it, although research actually shows that this is not necessary.


Author: Jarred Laros 


Recommended Product

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