I have always been sceptical of using pre-workouts due to two factors, one being that I feel I end up relying on a product to get me through a workout and then the most common and important factor which is the energy drop/caffeine drop post workout - but I find with the MuscleSport Rhino Pre-amplifier this doesn’t happen. This instantly brought me to really enjoy this pre-workout, and know I can trust in using it when I most need it.

MuscleSport really did their research and development on this product, they produced a pre-workout which for me shows they care about the person/s who will use it. The pump during my workout is consistent and pushes me through my entire workout, which is highly important as most days I do my weight training as well as my cardio in the same session; where one would normally expect fatigue and mental focus loss to set in half way through one’s workout, if not earlier. The fact that MuscleSport has taken the time to understand the importance of muscle fatigue, the importance of focus and energy has really drawn me to this product. Tackling an intense training session now knowing I will be able to push to my maximum and train past my normal pain threshold; all while experiencing no fatigue both during and post training makes this pre-workout worth every penny.

Knowing that I am able to maximise my performance and dominate my training session is what gives me faith in using the MuscleSport Rhino Pre-Amplifier. Their focused ingredients within this pre-amplifier, not only as I have mentioned help with prevention of fatigue, but also one of their main ingredients; hordenine, higenamine and halostachine truly do amplify one’s energy levels, as well as enhance mental clarity and burn fat.

The main ingredient for me which they have included within this pre-amplifier is the Caffeine Matrix – this gives me the power, strength and consistency for a full workout; without the typical caffeine crash.

Along with feeling the power of this product while using it, I don’t rely on it. This factor is the selling point for me as the closer I get to my competition days I am unable to use any such products, which again shows the fact that MuscleSport understands and respects the importance of the drop-in energy and perhaps reliance one will get from using an average pre-workout. Again, yet an amazing product from MuscleSport and I thoroughly enjoyed the Firecracker Blast flavour, now I need to try the other flavours.

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