As a fitness competitor, an important part of our daily routine is to include a powerful mix with our intra-workout drink. I am currently using the MuscleSport BCAA Revolution available at CHROME, either through their online store or in-store.

These MuscleSport Branched Chain Amino Acids, are by far one of the BEST BCAA’s I have used. The concentration and development in the right mix of leucine, isoleucine and valine are incomparable. The first point I found after only a few days of using the MuscleSport BCAA is that my muscles were definitely less fatigued during my workout; and after using it for a full month (this includes daily cardio along with intense weight training sessions) was minimal or barely any muscle fatigue, leading me to push through my entire workout without finding the need to stop, slow down or lower my weights - some days I felt I could go on for way longer than my training program specified.

My muscle growth has shown improvement and considering I am at the end of my bulking season, with full comp preparations starting soon, the muscle growth was highly needed. As an athlete, I am always looking for muscle growth and improvements so I can say this helped me a lot. My post training feels were on a much higher note and my fatigue after exercise most certainly improved thanks to MuscleSports BCAA’s, this is another great positive as I still lead a “normal” life and have a full day ahead of me with clients, or even when I train in the evenings - I return home feeling satisfied and not too drained.

I am using the MuscleSport BCAA Revolution in the Strawberry Daiquiri Flavour, and I usually freeze my intra-workout drink so it’s ice cold and refreshing. This flavour makes me feel like I am training on a beach. It is delicious, sweet and most joyful to drink during my intense training sessions.

I will NOT go one session without MuscleSports BCAA!!!

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