You eat. You train. You sleep. But you still aren’t seeing the results you are looking for. You cannot physically eat anymore, and this is generally why most people stop growing. Whether you are looking to be a mass monster, or just a smidge bigger than you are, 3D Nutrition’s Monstrous Mass will see you exploding with new growth.


Eating plenty of calories is challenging especially when it is all coming from clean, wholesome food. This is the best way to put on that lean mass, but there is only so much food you can chew in a day. This is where a mass builder is a great addition to your daily calorie count. Monstrous Mass is a great tasting shake designed to add in those much-needed calories, to feed the body and spur on new growth.


Monstrous Mass is scientifically designed to be the most effective, and cleanest weight-gainer on the market. It has been formulated using a blend of high-quality fast and slow digesting protein, time-released carbs, along with a solid muscle building and test boosting matrix, to optimise muscle gains and not just weight gain.


Monstrous Mass has been formulated using ultra-filtered whey protein and micellar casein protein. The fast digesting effects of whey will ensure that muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is enhanced, thereby enhancing the muscle building process. The slow digesting effects of casein will prolong this protein synthesis, meaning that muscle growth can be maximised. Along with this there is a time-release carbohydrate blend in the most effective 1:2.8 ratio, to replenish glycogen levels, as well as spike insulin to ensure that all nutrients, and the muscle building matrix, are driven into the muscle.

This is the most optimal ratio of protein to carbs, bringing on massive growth, while still keeping you lean. Most other mass gainers are too high in carbs, and lead to unnecessary fat gain.


Per serving there is 3000mg of Creatine Monohydrate, and 1000mg of L-Glutamine to assist with recovery and growth. The creatine replenishes ATP levels in the muscle, which is the primary energy source for your muscle during training. This will increase your muscular endurance and strength, allowing you to lift heavier weight for a longer period of time, activating more muscle growth. L-Glutamine is added in order to assist with muscle recovery by increasing nitrogen retention, increase immune health, as well as promote intestinal gut health, allowing better absorption of nutrients.


One of the bodies most anabolic hormones is testosterone, because it is active in so many regulatory functions within the body. That is why 3D Nutrition have added a test boost matrix, to support the increase in free testosterone levels, promoting better muscle growth. The 300mg of Magnesium will aid in recovery, leading to the promotion of muscle growth as well as reducing the risk of muscle injury.

The inclusion of 180mg of Zinc also increases the synthesis of new muscle tissue, because these two minerals combined create a compound called “ZMA”, which has been shown to reduce stress in the body, and convert cholesterol into testosterone, therefore promoting muscle growth. In order to further enhance the absorption and the ability of zinc to permeate the muscle cell wall, the chelated version of zinc and magnesium have been included in the blend.


3D Nutrition utilises a patented flavouring system called 3D Taste Technology, and it is incredible. There are little artificial sweeteners or thickeners, so it is easier to digest, it is not extremely sweet like most other mass gainers (a huge plus for taking post-workout), and gives a more natural flavour profile. Monstrous Mass is available in two delicious flavours; Chocolate, and Vanilla, with two new flavours expected to come in soon.


Monstrous Mass is available in three different sizes; a 1.5kg, a 3kg, and a 5kg tub, and retail at R199, R379, and R489 respectively. Each serving is 200g, so the 1.5kg will give you 7.5 full servings, the 3kg will give you 15 servings, and the 5kg tub will give you 25 growth inducing, monster making servings. This boils down to just R26.53 per serving on the 1.5kg, R25.27 per serving on the 3kg, and R19.56 per serving on the 5kg, so the 5kg works out to be the best value for money.

Try 3D Nutrition Monstrous Mass For Yourself

3D Nutrition Monstrous Mass

3D Nutrition Monstrous Mass has been scientifically developed to be the ultimate weight and muscle gain blend. Monstrous Mass has been formulated using a blend of high quality protein and time-released carbs along with a muscle building matrix of creatine and L-glutamine...


Monstrous Mass provides roughly 760 calories per 200g serving, making it a substantial mass gainer, but packing on little fat. It is a delicious way of introducing more calories into your diet (thanks to the patented 3D Taste Technology), and it is affordable too. There is considerably less artificial sweeteners and thickeners, providing a much easier to digest mass gainer, that won’t blow your stomach up. The innovative combination of fast and slow release protein, time-released carbs, and other muscle building compounds will have you exploding with new growth.


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