When it comes to supplementation, post workout is by far the most important time to ensure that you consume the necessary ingredients to help exploit the anabolic window in order to promote gains. The problem is that it can be tricky to find the ideal concoction to really get the best possible results. Yes, you can design a post-workout shake to encompass all of your nutritional requirements, but by the time you have purchased all of the necessary ingredients separately, it will end up costing you far more than buying an all-in-one product. Plus, it will save time and take the stress out of worrying about whether or not you are consuming everything you need to and if they are in the correct dosages.

When it comes to an all-in-one post-workout supplement, there is no other brand which I have seen that can compare with Chronicle Nutrition’s newly released Anabolic Dex. In this review I am going to run through what makes this formulation so unique and give you my thoughts on the product.



A full serving of Anabolic Dex contains 25g of protein which is more than most stand alone whey protein products. After an intense workout it is imperative that you consume enough fast-digesting protein to help the body repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

If there is one carbohydrate product that is highly sort after in the fitness industry it is highly branched cyclic dextrin. Studies suggest that HBCD offers a rapid rate of gastric emptying due to its low osmotality and high molecular weight. What this means is that it allows for faster absorption in the gut, enhanced transportation of nutrients and increased utilisation of said nutrients. Anabolic Dex contains 16g of cyclic dextrin per serving.


While all protein contains BCAAs, Chronicle Nutrition has taken Anabolic Dex one step further by adding extra BCAAs. The 3 BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) are responsible for increasing muscle protein synthesis and promoting anabolism.

Creatine HCL

Creatine HCl is proven to be up to 60 times more water-absorbable than its predecessor creatine monohydrate, meaning that a much smaller dose can provide much better results. Creatine helps to increase muscle strength and endurance by replenishing ATP levels. Ensuring adequate creatine intake post workout will help your muscles to repair faster so that you can hit the following day’s workout with optimum intensity.


In order to judge the full effectiveness of the Chronicle’s Anabolic Dex, I stopped supplementing with post workout shakes for 3 weeks. Once I started using the product, my recovery was significantly enhanced when compared to the period when I did not supplement post workout, and even better than that, it was more effective than my previous post workout supplement regimen. My DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) were considerably diminished and the recovery from stiff to normal took roughly half the time.


At the time of writing this review, I had only been using the product for 4 weeks as it had just been released in testing phase, however, in this short period I could see that my muscles were looking dense and my scale weight had increased by 1.5kg.

Couple these findings with my recovery experience and it is safe to say that the increase in weight came from gains in muscle mass.


The first flavour which Chronicle Nutrition has launched is Blue Raspberry. If I had to compare it to other products I would say it is a good mix between Met-Rx Creatine Blast Blue Raspberry and Nutritech Amino-Pre Arctic Blast. It is very unique for a whey protein based shake to have such a fruity flavour but Chronicle have really got it right.


Depending on your weight, you can expect to get 14 to 28 servings from a container. This means that if you train an average of 16 sessions per month (4 times per week), a single tub will last you between 1 and 2 months. Not bad for just R399.

Try Chronicle Nutrition Anabolic Dex For Yourself

Chronicle Nutrition Anabolic Dex

Chronicle Nutrition Anabolic Dex is one of the most powerful post-workout recovery products on the market today. The advanced formula is packed with powerful, clinically and scientifically dosed key ingredients designed to help you recover from even the most grueling of training sessions. Anabolic Dex contains high doses Creatine HCl, Cyclic Dextrin and other key ingredients that can help spike your anabolic hormones after training.


The guys from Chronicle Nutrition have blown me away once again. Every product they have developed so far is just above and beyond anything else on the market. With excellent value for money and great quality, you can’t go wrong investing in Anabolic Dex. This is definitely a must in any muscle-building stack.


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