Amplify Whey Infusion is a real protein bomb, indeed! A single serving contains as much as 32g of protein in the forms of casein, whey concentrate, and whey isolate, all in one, and is all you need to refuel those muscle bellies after a tough training session. Every type of protein has its unique place in the muscle recovery process, which makes this 3-in-1 whey protein unique.

Whey isolate and concentrate are rapidly digested and absorbed within 20 minutes, enabling muscles to recover and grow. Casein, on the other hand, is a slow-release protein and is absorbed within 3-4 hours, in order to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. Whey and casein make the perfect combination, as muscle tissue is continuously supplied with the protein they need.

Let’s not forget about essential, non-essential, and branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs (the basic building blocks that combine to form proteins and muscle tissue), are also a component of this whey. These are another necessity, as exercising in an amino acid deficit state will cause the body to break muscle tissue down, in order to provide energy. Therefore, by consuming amino acids, lean mass can be protected.

The low carb content of only 2.4g per single serving is perfect; not too much to be stored as fat and just enough to replenish those glycogen stores after exercise. When it comes to taste, I’d say it is too good to be whey. The chocolate flavour is my personal favourite.

Most importantly, this whey protein serves its main purpose; to fuel muscle growth and recovery. While using this whey, I’ve seen great results in lean muscle growth and experienced speedy recovery. My skin looks healthier compared to when I am using other types of whey, and it also doesn’t cause any bloating, which is further testament to the great quality of this whey protein.

I definitely recommend Amplify’s Whey Infusion because of its unique composition, taste, and quality!

Amplify Whey Infusion

Amplify's delicious and exclusive Whey Protein Blend provides the perfect ration of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids in their most easily assimilated form. Amplify's whey combines a smart blend consisting of whey isolate, concentrate and casein..

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