When it comes to building some serious muscle mass, we are all aware of the role the big T plays. For those who don’t, Testosterone is a powerful anabolic hormone which influences a number of bodily functions including sperm production, bone mass, red blood cell production, fat distribution and of course, the one we are most concerned about in the fitness realm – muscle size and strength.

By increasing free testosterone levels, we are able to increase strength and muscle size while decreasing fat mass, thereby improving body composition and getting that lean, hard muscular look. While there are a number of ways of doing this through food and exercise, supplement companies have jumped on the bandwagon to offer products which have ingredients known to boost testosterone.

In this review we are going to take a look at Amplify’s newly formulated testosterone booster called Test Amp. This product is the successor to Ampli-Test 3.0. While Ampli-Test 3.0 was a solid test booster, Amplify’s latest offering takes things to a whole new level. They have not only increased the amount of certain ingredients but they have also added a few ingredients which are scientifically proven to enhance testosterone through a number of pathways thereby ensuring optimal testosterone production.


According to a study published in “Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology” men who supplemented with 3g of D-Aspartic Acid for 12 days saw an increase of free testosterone of up to 40%.

D-Aspartic Acid works within the brain to release luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is then transported to the testes where it enters the Leydig cells and testosterone is produced.


The active compound in Fenugreek which impacts testosterone levels is called fenuside. According to clinical trials, supplementing with Fenugreek has shown to increase sexual desire in men as well as to increase testosterone. In fact, in one study which was conducted over an eight week period on 55 men, average increases in free testosterone were over 90%.


According to a study published in “Biological Trace Element Research”, the mineral magnesium plays a vital role in the production of testosterone. The study was conducted on both athletes and sedentary individuals. What they found was that both groups saw an increase in free testosterone levels when supplementing with Magnesium.


Zinc monomethionine is a chelated complex of the antioxidants zinc and methionine. Zinc plays a number of important roles in the body including the manufacture and repair of DNA, stimulatation of new cell growth, enhanced immunity, and the support of male sexual function to name a few. Ensuring adequate intake of zinc will help to optimise natural testosterone production.


Multiple studies have shown that boron is able to increase free circulating testosterone and serum DHT levels, but not only is this trace element an effective T booster, it also acts as an anti-estrogen and decreases SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) levels. SHBG binds free testosterone which immobilizes it from acting as an androgen.


Vitamin D3 helps with the absorption of nutrients as well as increased testosterone. A recent study found that vitamin D3 and testosterone levels were correlated. The study saw the test subjects supplement with 332IU’s of vitamin D3 for a year. On average, the individuals saw an increase in testosterone of up to 25.2% when compared to the placebo group.


Amplify’s Test Amp retails for R299 and contains 60 servings per container. For optimal effects, it is suggested to take 2 servings per day. This means that per container you will get a 30 day supply. In terms of cost per serving, Test Amp will set you back a mere R5. For a test booster with a vast array of proven ingredients in solid doses, Test Amp is very good value for money.


After 30 days of use of this product I did feel a definite increase in sex drive and libido, which are often “side effects” of an increased testosterone level. While I did not see significant gains in muscle mass, I did see a noticeable difference in body composition. I looked ‘harder’ and more vascular so from a mental perspective, the results definitely inspired me to train harder.

Whether my free circulating testosterone levels increased dramatically or not, I cannot be sure. In order to get an accurate reading on this, I would have to get a blood test in the lab. Irrespective of this, with the increased libido, improved body composition and renewed mental focus, I would definitely use the supplement again.


Try Amplify Test AMP For Yourself

Amplify Test AMP

Amplify Test AMP is a scientifically formulated natural support in enhancing free testosterone production. The newest formulation contains clinical doses of the most powerful natural testosterone boosting ingredients, ensuring that your body maintains an optimum level of testosterone, boosting your strength, and enhancing those muscle gains!

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