Amplify is a South African brand which has been around for a few years now. While the brand hasn’t exploded into the mainstream, they have been attracting a steady growth over the years. Amplify’s product range consists of some very unique supplements. In this review we are going to be having a look at Ampli Post, an all-in-one post-workout recovery shake which is designed to help kick-start muscle protein synthesis and replenish glycogen and ATP stores. Not only have Amplify rebranded, but they have also reformulated this product to optimize efficiency.



When it comes to supplementing with protein post-workout, it has been shown that between 20-40g of whey is ideal to optimise muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Amplify’s Ampli Post unfortunately falls just short of this with 18g of protein per serving, however, what these guys have done to offset the shortfall of protein is to include a high dose of added BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to iso-leucine and valine. With the complete amino acid profile of the whey along with a high dose of leucine, this blend will ensure optimal MPS stimulation.


Waxy maize is a high GI carbohydrate which does not contain any sugar; however, it still has a tremendous effect on insulin levels. Post workout, your body is in a special state where it will use spikes in insulin to help deliver nutrients to muscle cells rather than storing it as fat. The more nutrients we can supply to the muscle cells, the better our muscles will repair and therefore grow.

Besides aiding with nutrient delivery, waxy maize will also help to replenish muscle glycogen which is lost through training. Glycogen is the preferred source of energy to fuel the muscles. Ensuring that your glycogen stores are fully loaded will allow you to train at optimal levels.


Creatine HCL is probably the most popular form of creatine on the market today. It has been shown to have a 60% better absorption rate than creatine monohydrate, meaning that you can get the same results but with smaller doses. Plus, this form of creatine also eliminates the bloating which is commonly experienced with creatine monohydrate.

Creatine aids to replenish ATP levels which are quickly used up during training. ATP is necessary to provide the muscle with energy and the ability to contract. By keeping ATP levels high, you will not only have a greater muscular endurance but you will also be able to contract your muscle more effectively. Over time, both of these will lead to gains in strength and muscle size.


Ampli Post is currently available in Apple flavour which is rather different for a whey-based product. I am a fan of most Apple flavoured products and this definitely didn’t disappoint. Although, it would be nice to have a variety of flavours to choose from as one might get tired of the same flavour month in and month out.


The product contains 20 servings per container and retails for R379.00. Ampli Post should last you a month if you train 5 days a week for 4 weeks. The cost per recovery shake is R18.95 which sounds rather expensive, but if you had to make you own by adding whey, creatine, BCAAs and waxy maize in similar doses, it would probably end up costing between R17 and R25 depending on the brands you use. So yes you probably can do it a slight bit cheaper if you mix a recovery shake on your own, however, for a rand or two more, isn’t it just so much easier to have it all done for you?


Overall the product provides all the necessary post-workout ingredients required to enhance recovery and stimulate muscle growth. Couple this with Ampli Pre and you will have a solid pre- and post-workout supplement regimen which not only helps to optimise your workouts but which also helps to maximise results.


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Amplify Ampli Post


AMPLI POST is a Post-Workout supplement which has been formulated to enhance your recovery times after High Intensity Training and to promote greater results! The revolutionary AMPLI POST Post-Workout Formula has been designed as the ultimate 24-hour muscle-building and recovery formula.


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