Amplify Ampli-Crete 3.0 was launched in mid 2015 and since its release, has raised to being one of Chrome’s top selling creatine HCl capsule products. Before we get into my thoughts on the product, let’s briefly investigate why you would opt for a creatine HCl rather than sticking with the cheaper monohydrate version.


Creatine monohydrate is the oldest and most studied form of creatine on the market; however, with advances in science, more and more superior types of creatine are entering the market. The reason why these superior creatines are being developed is that researchers have found that the old creatine monohydrate is not as effective as it could be.

The most common issue when it comes to creatine monohydrate is that its water solubility and absorption rate is not optimal. In fact, some research suggests that less than 3% of the supplemental amount of creatine is actually transported across the intestinal cells within 90 minutes. This obviously then not only limits the uptake by the intestines, but also by the muscles. It is because of this that creatine monohydrate can lead to an upset stomach and stomach cramps.

Creatine monohydrate has also been shown to cause bloating which makes muscles look smooth and undefined. Numerous studies have found that mono not only increases intracellular water (water inside muscles where you want it), but also increases extracellular water under the skin which is what gives that puffy look.

With the hydrochloric acid added to creatine (to form creatine HCl) on the other hand, the creatine becomes far more water soluble, absorbs more efficiently (roughly 60% better than monohydrate) and permeates cells far more effectively. What this means is that you will need a smaller dose in order to achieve the same effects that you would get from monohydrate and without the side effects. The stomach discomfort prevalent with monohydrate will be eliminated with HCl and the creatine bloat is also a thing of the past.

Because of the increased utilisation of creatine, gains in strength, muscle and performance will all be increased with HCl.



When it comes to the formulation of most creatine HCl products, most brands only contain the creatine, however, Amplify have included 100mg of alpha lipoic acid to help further enhance digestion. Each serving of Ampli-crete contains the scientifically researched dose of 3g of creatine HCl per serving.


Each serving comprises of 4 capsules and the product has a total of 30 servings per container, or exactly a month’s supply.


Ampli-crete typically retails for R299. This means that you will be paying R10 per serving of creatine. Not too bad for the strength and muscle gains of HCl I would say.


After using the product for a period of 30 days, I was able to increase my bodyweight by 2kgs overall. I had my fat percentage measured prior to using the product and then again thereafter and it actually dropped by 0.5%. Now I not saying that the product helped me to lose weight, but what I am saying is that the gains on the scale are definitely from lean muscle mass and intracellular water retention rather than because of an increase in fat weight. My body tightened up and looked more muscular after the 30 day period. When it came to strength, I was able to achieve a slight increase in weights. This was noticeable on all of my lifts but was more pronounced on big compound moves.


Overall I would definitely say that the product is good value for money and I enjoyed the gains both in strength and size, plus I was able to avoid the stomach issues I used to get with creatine monohydrate which allowed me to spend more time in the gym and less on the toilet.

Try Amplify Creatine HCL For Yourself

Amplify Creatine HCL

Amplify Your Muscle Building Potential with Amplify Creatine HCL! Amplify your workout with AMPLIFY’s concentrated form of Creatine Hydrochloride. AMPLI-CRETE is a salt based form of creatine, which is ultra-soluble in water and more absorbent than creatine monohydrate.


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