3D Nutrition is one of the most exciting new brands to be released into the South African market in recent years. With a sexy and stylish look that appeals to both men and women, this brand is setting the supplement market ablaze. But besides being aesthetically appealing, 3D Nutrition’s products are also manufactured using the highest quality raw ingredients in innovative and unique formulations.

In this review we are going to be taking a look at 3D Nutrition’s Whey Isocon.


As the name describes, Whey Isocon is a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Each serving provides 22.2g of protein with only 3g of carbohydrates in the form of lactose. The 30g serving also only contains 122 calories which means that you will be able to bolster your protein intake without consuming excessive calories.

The naturally occurring BCAA content per serving of Whey Isocon is a solid 4.4g. If you look at the amino acid profile of the product, you will notice that the quantity values of amino acids which are typically used in protein spiking are very low, or even non-existent (these typically include Glycine & Taurine). What we can deduce from this is that the product is not amino acid spiked and therefore you are getting 22.2g of actual protein per serving. This is something the brand really promotes as they believe that quality and trust should be the cornerstone of a great brand.

For more on amino acid spiking and exactly what it is, make sure to check out the Summer 2017 edition of CMag – View CMag


One of my favourite things about this 3D Nutrition is that every single batch of their protein-based products is independently tested to ensure that what is stipulated on the label is actually in the product. To find your batch’s lab test, all you have to do is go to www.3dnutrition.co.za, go to the product you are using and type in the batch number in the search function on the page. The site will then display the lab test for your specific product, thereby giving you confidence that the product you bought is of the highest quality.


3D Nutrition uses a layered flavouring technology which they have dubbed ‘3D Taste Technology’. Basically what this means is that when the product is manufactured, they coat the raw protein powder with a layer of flavour, then wait for it to dry before coating it with another layer. This process is performed a number of times in order to ensure a full-flavoured protein without the artificial sweetness.

The product has a more natural flavour, and like I said, with a slightly less sweetness than other popular local brands; however, you do get a full, delicious flavour from the ‘3D Taste Technology’ system. I have tried a number of their protein flavours and can honestly say that it is definitely up there with the best of the best and even trumps most international brand’s flavouring.

3D has really gone all out right from the very beginning by launching 8 flavours in their Whey Isocon so you will never get bored of having the same flavours month in and month out. I have it on good authority that the flavour profile of Whey Isocon will expand to at least 10-12 flavours within the next year. The R&D team from 3D Nutrition are really taking things to a whole new dimension.


Whey Isocon is available in 1kg, 2kgs and 3kgs with the retail price of R299, R519 & R699 respectively. The retail is exactly on par with other popular local brands, but with amazing flavours, assured quality, and great formulations, there is absolutely no reason why 3D Nutrition’s Whey Isocon shouldn’t become a staple in your supplement arsenal.

Try 3D Nutrition Whey Isocon For Yourself

3D Nutrition Whey Isocon

3D Nutrition Whey Isocon is a superior quality protein blend which has been developed to provide the highest possible natural rates of nitrogen retention and amino acid conversion in order to help build and repair body tissues, thereby assisting with gains in lean muscle mass.


3D Nutrition has checked every single box with their Whey Isocon.

  • Extremely appealing design & colours
  • Excellent formulation
  • Incredible taste
  • Great price point
  • Guaranteed quality

What more could you possibly ask for in a protein?


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