Did you know that when you exercise, your body goes into a catabolic state where you actually break down muscle tissue rather than build it up? Kind of sounds like it is going against everything that you are trying to achieve right? Well you see, in order for you to build muscle, you first need to cause myofibrillar damage, or micro tears, to your muscle which then in the repair process grow back bigger and thicker. Obviously we don’t want too much breakdown of our muscle mass or our bodies won’t be able to recover effectively and we won’t build muscle. The quicker we can start the repair process and increase protein synthesis, the more chance we have of building muscle mass. Amino Acids are absorbed and transported to the muscles within minutes providing the energy and building blocks required to make these processes happen.

To assist in this process, the guys from 3D Nutrition have developed Supreme Amino which contains a large dose of the amino acids associated with reducing catabolism and increasing the rate of protein synthesis along with electrolytes and minerals to help replenish those lost through perspiration.

Before we get into our thoughts on the product, let’s have a quick look at the formulation.



Supreme Amino contains a whopping 5.4 grams of BCAAs in a scientifically-efficacious 2:1:1 ratio. It is in this ratio that BCAAs have been found to elicit optimal effects on protein synthesis, muscular energy and anti-catabolism.


Three of the most prominent amino acids that the Supreme Amino Acid Blend contains is beta-alanine, L-citrulline malate and L-glutamine. Beta-alanine works to buffer lactic acid so you can squeeze out additional reps before you feel that lactic acid burn. The L-citrulline helps to increase blood flow in order to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and the L-Glutamine enhances immune system function and indirectly aids in recovery.


In order to ensure that your muscles are firing on all cylinders, Supreme Amino contains a Hydration Matrix which helps replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat. This helps to ward off muscle cramping and ensures optimal muscle performance.


The combination of vitamins in Supreme Amino assists in providing the muscles with sustained energy and helps to fight free radical damage.


If you have had a chance to read my reviews on some of the other 3D products, you will know that I always rave about the taste. The R&D team from 3D Nutrition have really spent time on perfecting their flavours, and Supreme Amino is no exception. The 3D Nutrition team tends to keep the same flavour palate throughout their products which, while some may find boring, for me creates a perfect unison when consuming the products alongside one another or potentially mixed as some might do.


Supreme Amino retails for R269.00 for a 30 serving container. That means that per serving you will be paying roughly R9 for; a fully efficacious dose of BCAAs, other extremely beneficial muscle building compounds, recovery agents, a hydration matrix, as well as a vitamin combo.

Try 3D Nutrition Supreme Amino For Yourself

3D Nutrition Supreme Amino

3D Nutrition Supreme Amino is a superior quality amino acid blend which has been formulated to help increase performance and lean muscle gains.

  • Increase muscular energy, Enhance workout performance, Increase muscle mass, Ensures adequate hydration, Inhibits catabolism


3D Nutrition is definitely a brand that is going to take South African market by storm. If these guys can launch with a brand and product selection so strong right off the bat, I can only imagine the quality and innovation they are going to come up with once the brand is well-established. In terms of this product, Supreme Amino is well worth giving a go.


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