We all know that feeling when you are on a strict diet, training your heart out and still have that last layer of fat that just doesn’t want to disappear. For most people that last layer is usually around our abdominal and/or hamstring/glute area. You tend to think, if only that layer could disappear, my abs will show and I will appear so much leaner.

3D Nutrition just made life a little easier to get rid of that fat bothering you. Applying this Thermogel can change the way you feel after your workout: you will be sweating so much more and seeing results faster. For those serious about their gym sessions, you can apply it twice a day: with your cardio and weight training session. Start with 2 pumps of gel and you can work your way up, however, do not exceed 8 pumps per day as it may cause skin irritation. Also, stay away from sensitive areas like your facial or neck area and make sure to wash your hands after applying.

For my first experience, I started with 2 pumps of 3D Nutrition Shred Thermogel in the morning. I applied it to my abdominal area 45 minutes before my cardio session. I could feel that the area I applied it to was starting to heat up, but it didn’t burn me or irritate me in anyway. My skin showed redness during and after my session but after a shower my skin colour would return back to normal. In my cardio session, I felt that I was sweating more than usual, that’s when I knew it was working. I started using it with my second session, doing weights in the afternoon, still applying it on my abdominal area but also my hamstrings and glutes. In a few days I could see a noticeable difference. This is definitely a product I am going to use going into prep to get me as lean as possible. Best of all it is an affordable product, easy to apply and doesn’t leave an odour on you.

Upon first inspection of the label, I saw ingredients that caught my attention and I wanted to try it out for fat burning. Firstly caffeine, models have applied caffeine on their skin for years, not only for fat burning but also to get rid of cellulite. Raspberry ketones provide anti-oxidants and will increase your metabolism. L-carnitine is very popular for fat burning these days, and with reason, it works when you use it correctly. L-carnitine uses free fat from the body’s cells and converts it into energy. When you take these ingredients orally, it spreads through your whole body, now applying it on the area you want to target, it only works on that area and targets the fat directly under your skin.

Brilliant product to try out if you want to get rid of some unwanted fat and show some lean muscle. People sensitive towards stimulants and fat burners can use this product as well to target unwanted fat.


Author: Angie Roos


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