Cycling has recently had a spike in the number of people who’ve taken interest in its roadworthy pursuit. And we here at Chrome Supplements and Accessories, aim to provide for all your fitness endeavours, not just the ones inside the walls of a gym.

This guide aims to give all those looking to boost their cycling performances with an intelligent guide on what to take and how to take it.

Multivitamins and Minerals:

What any athlete would consider a must-have in their daily arsenal. Although multivitamins will do very little to increase your actual performance as an athlete, not taking multivitamins will prove to be a speed bump to your performance levels.

The micronutrients provided by a complete multivitamin helps with a whole host of functions from immunity, to recovery and even assistance in energy production. Keep in mind that the long and tiresome amounts of time you spend on your bicycle result in you sweating out valuable micronutrients beyond the ones that your body is using.

So more than the average individual, a multivitamin supplement will play a key role in maintaining your health and output level when on the road.

Fish Oil:

Another supplement that most definitely falls into the overall health benefits slot would be fish oils. However, beyond this, is the need for joint and ligament protection as well as a reduction in inflammation and pain alleviation.

A study conducted in 2008 and published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology showed how taking this supplement was of extreme benefit to cyclists. They had two groups of cyclists (one group taking omega-3 fish oils and one not taking any) perform various cycling activities for a period of 8 weeks. The group on fish oil was found to have outperformed their counterparts and showed less need for oxygen and maintained lower heart rate levels during the course of the test. A recommended dose of 6g per day is to be taken.


An extremely large number of tests and studies have been conducted on athletes who take caffeine and the evidence is overwhelmingly unanimous when it comes to its positive role in the performance of endurance athletes. The evidence shown from caffeine is that it almost exclusively has its primary benefits rooted in aerobic activities and thus provides an invaluable benefit to cyclists.

Caffeine has exhibited displays of drastically increasing the time taken for athletes to not only reach their perceived level of exhaustion but also their actual exhaustion levels. In layman’s terms, how long you can ride for and how good you feel doing so.

Besides the hard studies, a look at pro cyclists will show us that almost all of them drink caffeine supplemented drinks regularly to increase their performance. Try taking 3-4mg/kg of body weight. (1)

Whey Protein:

How could whey protein not be on this list?

Many studies and professional cyclists preach on how taking a serving of whey after a ride plays a vital role in recovery and subsequent performances. Obviously, during exercise, the breakdown of muscle fiber occurs and pedaling for prolonged periods of time is really intense and taxing

Making sure that you get a fast-acting source of protein into your system is the most prudent and beneficial way to make sure you kickstart that recovery

A great suggestion here would be to take a single serving of whey post-exercise. In addition to this, preparing your shake beforehand with some fruit and blending it into a fruit smoothie will not only help with muscle protein synthesis but also help glycogen replenishment with carbs and natural sugars from the fruits you’ve blended into your shake.

Just by adding these few extras into your daily routine, you can really help improve your overall performance on the road and take your cycling to the next level.


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