Are you looking for quick and easy weight loss tips that can help you burn fat and get into shape within a few days? Well, I’m sorry to break this to you, but unfortunately tips like that doesn’t exist, and if someone tells you they do then they are probably trying to trick you into providing an email address or they are trying to sell you a supplement or fat burner that’s not going to work. So what are you going to find in this article then? Well, for starters you are going to find real ways to lose weight and fat that work, however, you can’t expect to try them once or twice and expect a miracle, these tips should form part of your everyday lifestyle and should become a habit, and then after a few weeks you will start to notice some significant results.


By now you are probably aware that lifting weight can help you lose weight and body fat, weight training can help increase your overall metabolism due to the fact that your body will be burning more calories in order to supply your lean muscle with blood and nutrients. (1) (2)

There are many misconceptions when it comes to weight training and fat loss, the biggest one being that high reps will help you tone your muscles. The problem too high reps is  that you will inevitably end up losing hard-earned lean muscle mass, especially when you are on a low calorie diet. So yes, you are going to become a thinner you, but not an athletic toned you. Our advice – keep pushing heavy in order to maintain as much muscle mass as possible.  This will also help to burn more calorieswhile in the gym and with added muscle mass, your body will burn more calories, even at rest. Another pro for heavier weights is that it can help you burn and fight of belly fat more effectively than just doing cardio! (3)


Drinking water before a meal can help keep you full and help you eat less, but not only that studies suggest that drinking cold water can help increase your metabolism by up to 30%. On average individuals who consume roughly 2 liters of water per day can burn 400 kilojoules more. (4). So yes, water can be a very effective way to lose weight.


This is probably the best way to lose weight! Refined carbs usually refers to grains like bread or pasta, these grains have been stripped of most of their benefits and also contains added preservatives in order to help improve shelf-life. These kind of carbs are usually directly linked to diseases and risk factors like insulin resistance, obesity and heart diseases. (5) We suggest you stick to low carbohydrate diets, not only will they improve your overall health, but studies also suggest that they can help increase fat and weight loss more effectively than most other diets. (6)


Everyone wants to lose weight at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, like most good things in life, this takes time. So eating half the amount you generally eat sounds like a good idea as you think you will double the weight. This is not how weight loss works I’m afraid. Yes you will lose weight, but after a while, your body will reach homeostasis and fat loss progression will come to a stand-still. Besides that, it is very difficult to stick to a diet where you are barely eating and most people end up cheating or just plain giving up on it. We suggest dropping calories by 300-400 calories per week for the first 2 months or so to help prevent a plateau in your weight loss. Monitor your progression and against downwards slightly after another few weeks if you find it has slowed again.


Diet is key when it comes to weight loss, so before you kill yourself with copious amounts of cardio, make sure that this is on point. If you are eating 100% clean and have a calorie deficit in your diet, you may not even need to add in any additional cardio sessions.

Stick to 3-5 cardio session per week of 20-30 minutes each. This should be enough to get you to lose the weight you need to lose. If fat loss stops and your diet is already very low in calories, only then would I recommend adding in more time for running or cycling. Studies also suggest that modest amount of cardio after your workout can also help to speed up your recovery which will help get you 100% ready for your next session! (7) (8)


Cardio has to be one of the most boring things to do in the gym. So why not take it out of the gym? Cardio can involve any type of movement, as long as you keep moving. So rather go for a damn swim, hike in our beautiful South African bush. You could even go rollerblading on the promenade at your local beach or for those in the city, then why not go for a walk in the park.


You may think of diet food as tasteless and bland, however, it doesn’t have to be this way. Be creative and have fun when you are cooking. Look for new and interesting ways to prepare food. Try spices, herbs and low calorie sauces that don’t contain a lot of unnecessary sugars and fats. These days, there are a lot of health food shops that have some awesome alternatives to the fatty meals we are used to buying.


Fad diets are just that, fads. They come and go on a daily basis and more often than not, they don’t work. I would rather suggest tailoring your diet around your eating habits. For example, if you get hungry at night, save more calories for supper. If a diet fits into your lifestyle, you are more likely to stick to and see progress in your fat loss. (9) 


It is important to have a cheat meal for two reasons, firstly, it will reset your metabolism and actually help you to continue losing weight and secondly, having the foods you crave every now and again just makes it easier for you to stick to the diet long term. My recommendations for cheat meals either includes eating as much clean food as you can for an hour (which allows you to eat a bit more food than usual) or by eating one dirty meal per week. Make sure to limit this to just one plate of food and don’t absolutely pig-out. I prefer this method as it makes it easier to have a life. You can go out for supper with friends, enjoy family gathering and make the most of the holidays. (10)


Supplements are a great way to speed-up fat loss, especially if everything else is in check. These can not only help you maintain lean muscle mass while shredding unwanted poundage, but can also help you melt that poundage faster. When ripping-out, I always make sure to use a good whey proteinBCAA’sglutaminemulti-vitamins and a powerful fat burner.

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