When we talk about fat loss, most people look for the next magical pill they should be taking or the next best fad diet to follow. As a species, as we have evolved, we have found ways to build convenience into our lives.

As a result, we have emerged in the modern era with an attitude of instant gratification. Our innate need to gain satisfaction with the minimal effort is ultimately what is also leading to our physical and psychological downfall.

But what if I told you that I had a dieting tool that is more effective than any fat burner ever created? What if I told you that, if used correctly, you would be able to get lean and most likely stay lean all your life with minimal risk of regaining your weight back? And, what if I told you that this tool was free?

Sound too good to be true?

Well actually ladies and gents, it is very real and readily available to you right now! No more searching and wasting money. Your fat loss salvation is here!

It is a secret that has helped some of the best physique athletes in the world get into the amazing shape they do. This secret fat loss tool is "Dietary Adherence".

In the physique coaching world, this is the gospel of how to lose fat. In simple terms, dietary adherence means sticking to your diet. We set our clients up in an energy deficit, meaning they eat less energy than they expend and, as a result, they have to use stored fat. Also, in this modern era, the technology available to physique coaches or transformation specialists allows us to closely track and monitor our clients' progress. It's also why Discovery tracks you to see if you are keeping to recommended healthy actions.

The process of losing body fat is, unfortunately, slow and tedious. When you have higher levels of body fat it may be faster, yes.

People that have fat to lose can lose up to 5kg in a week. This, however, is not sustainable. As physiological processes change and adapt to the stimuli you are providing, the body starts trying to outsmart you. Fat is stored energy for those long scarce winters that in today's society never seem to come. When we apply some basic nutritional concepts, the human body will drop a fair amount of fat fast if it has a huge surplus to lose.

But what about those that are trying to shed those last few kilos? Due to the natural evolutionary adaptions built into the human genome eventually, our bodies don't want to lose this last bit of fat. This is where commitment and adherence to your plan come into play.

In totally untechnical terms, you have to outwit, outlast and out will your body. Bodybuilders achieve this unnatural state of low body fat by sheer commitment to their goal. The best of them do it right more of the time. As a coach, I am always looking for trends in my client's data to help teach them that it is worth it to adhere to. Here are my top 3 tips I give my clients how to stay adherent to your diet ...

1. Track Yourself Weekly.

Even if you are not noticing weekly changes over time, there is always change. Use pictures of yourself for a visual tracking tool and weight and measurements of areas of concern. Sometimes the scale lies but measurements and pictures don't.

2. Be Flexible.

Flexible dieting is the new buzzword in the world of fat loss. It is what allows the average person to not feel deprived. You get to eat a wider variety of foods and all the while you are still sticking to your diet. Yes, you can eat that chocolate! And if you factored it into your energy balance, you have adhered to your diet.

3. Play the Long Game and Be Honest with Yourself

I am concerned about how adherent my clients are to their diet over extended periods of time. Like life, it is easy to get stuck in the moment and lose touch with the bigger picture. But when you analyse your habits over longer periods of time and, if you have adhered more often than you have not, you will ultimately win and achieve your goals. The rate at which you achieve your goal is entirely linked to this level of adherence. Never lie to yourself. There is generally a very good reason that you have not progressed in a given time period. That reason 90% of the time in my experience is that you have not 100% stuck to your plan.

Once you have mastered this basic concept, adding in supplementation becomes a truly powerful tool that can drive your physique to the highest of levels. Fat burners will then optimize your efforts and provide your body with the boost to take it from good to great!

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