If only there was one very easy way to achieve a flat stomach or washboard abs, but unfortunately there is not, and that’s why not everybody has got one. When it comes to developing the ultimate six pack, we found that there are a few myths floating around that we are keen to clear.


Yes, it’s true that a low carb approach like Atkins and Banting can help you shed some kilos quite quickly and not to mention the ability to improve overall health when it comes to blood pressure, risk of diabetes etc. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the alpha and omega to a ripped core. When you are stuck with the last bit of fat around your stomach you might be happy to know that it’s most likely caused by the stress hormone, cortisol, and here is why.

When you have been dieting strictly and have been under pressure at work while trying to beat your personal best in the gym every morning, you are putting your body under stress and this can lead to an increase of cortisol which in return can help store belly fat. To get back to our myth, no diet in the world would really help as you are already under stress and by dieting more strictly you will just increase the amount of stress. Therefore sometimes taking a break from a specific diet or training strategy might help kick start your metabolism back into gear.

By a break we don’t mean stop eating clean, we mean that you can have a look at eating more balanced than before.

In my opinion there is no ultimate diet, yes there are good ones that you can experiment with to help lower body fat but that doesn’t mean it will get your six pack to show within a few days. The best diet is the one you stick to!


Yeah, we have all heard this one before, however there might be some truth in it but not enough to put it on my AB RULES list. It is commonly believed that carbs at night can be stored as fat during the night. Um, no! That’s not how it works; it all comes down to how much you have eaten within 24 hours, not what you have eaten before bed. Yes, you might be burning less calories while you are sleeping, and your metabolism might be shutting down, but that doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to put fuel in the tank. If your car has got a 46 litre tank you can fill it up anytime, anywhere as long as it’s petrol.

The same goes for you, if your body can process and utilize 2000 calories per day, eating 1500 calories before lunch and eating the last 500 before bed will have no effect at all. If you burn 2000 calories on average and you eat 2000 calories on average your weight should be staying the same no matter what time of day you consumed those calories. However, having a high carb meal at night might lower your natural growth hormone (GH) levels before bed. GH is a very important hormone that can help build lean muscle and burn body fat. Ultimately it’s not a hormone you want to lower.


This unfortunately is becoming more and more popular and I often see individuals especially females trying to do side bends to target their love handles. One thing you need to know is that no matter what ab exercise you do and how extreme it is, it’s not going to be burning the fat around your abdominal wall.

All that you are doing is stimulating the muscle, which in fact can grow when you do weight resistance exercises the same as any other muscle group. It’s called the overload principle, as soon as you overload a muscle by adding weight or extra weight for that matter you are implementing the overload principle which can lead to muscle growth. Instead of doing side bends rather focus on burning more calories during your workout and eating cleaner.

At the end of the day your body will choose where it’s going to burn the fat from and if the last place is your love handles, then there is not much you can do about it.

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