When it comes to post-workout nutrition, it has always been thought that fast-digesting proteins were the only way to go when it came to kick-starting the repair process; however, according to researchers from the University of Pavia in Italy, strength athletes can also use lean meat for post-workout nutrition.

The researcher’s study was conducted on 2 dozen students who were made to perform a strength training regimen 3 times per week for an 8 week period. The students, who followed the same training program, had no previous experience with strength training. 

Half of the students consumed 135g of tinned beef half an hour after the workout. The beef contained 20g protein per serving and 1.7g fat.

After the 8 week training cycle, the researchers monitored the progression of both groups. While both groups lost fat, built lean muscle and gained strength, the effects were far more pronounced in the group who consumed the tinned beef post workout. The biggest effect from the post-workout meat consumption was the amount of lean muscle mass the students accrued. The research team suspects that the preferential results from eating beef post workout may only be effective if you use tinned meat.

The researchers conclude, “The consumption of beef protein from tinned meat could be considered a nutrition strategy, in addition to other proteins or amino acid supplements, which is useful for guaranteeing high essential amino acids availability close to exercise. Tinned meat is more digestible than other meat sources (e.g. steak), does not generally cause any gastrointestinal distress and its consumption is also practical.”

“The use of meat as a supplement should not exceed two or three times per week, according to general dietary guidelines that recommend a moderate consumption of red meat.”

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