Some girls love it on guys, some girls don’t. And no I am not talking about a six pack. All girls love that. What I am talking about is another element which can add to your physique, and that is being vascular. Nothing says raw power like a thick roadmap running across your muscles. In order to get your veins to pop, you are going to have to be disciplined and put in the hard work, both inside and outside of the gym. So how do we get this vascular look? Let’s find out!

Get Good And Lean

The main thing you need to do when you want your veins bulge is to get good and lean. Body fat provides a layer between our muscle and skin which basically smoothes-out our physique diminishing any sign of muscle definition and vascularity. Veins will truly start to protrude at about 8% body fat for men and 18% body fat for women. At these percentages, the layer of fat between the muscles and skin starts to become very thin. So not only will you have more muscle definition, you will also become more vascular.
The level at which veins pop can vary from person to person. So if for example, you are a guy who has decent definition at 12% body fat, if you lean out to 8%, you will begin to reveal more muscular striations and you guessed it, more vascularity.

On the other hand, if at 12% you can’t even see the vein popping along your bicep, don’t stress. All this means is that you are going to have to diet harder to get leaner.

And as an added benefit, you will also get that six pack that all girls love which I mentioned above.

Because genetics play a role in vascularity, each person will vary on which level of body fat their veins start to protrude as well as where they protrude from. For example, some people’s veins start to protrude on their shoulders before their stomachs or on their legs before their chest. I have to be extremely lean to see any sort of veins in my quads but the veins on my stomach start to become pronounced at a relatively high body fat percentage, but keep in mind, 12% is relatively high when it comes to vascularity. This is because my fat stores are held more in my legs than on my stomach.

Besides diet, can training help to bring out the vein monster?

As mentioned above, the main thing you need to do to get your veins to pop is to get lean. While training with higher volumes can bring an increased blood flow to the muscle you are working thereby encouraging muscle pump and vein poppage (I know poppage isn’t a word, but I like it!), it is only a short term effect. So to answer the question above – no, training cannot increase vascularity in the long term. That is unless you are training to lose body fat (all while keeping the slabs of muscle you built last winter obviously). Being skinny and veiny isn’t all that appealing, so you need to maintain a decent amount of muscle mass.

How can supplements help you get the vascular look?

Well, similar to training, there are supplements on the market which will help with vascularity short term. The main aim of ingredients like L-arginine and citrulline malate is to produce muscle pumps during training which brings blood and with it, nutrients to help with the repair and rebuilding process post-training. So what does this all mean?

In conclusion, the main thing you can do to really get your veins to look like are going to burst out of your skin is to get really lean, drink a lot of fluids and build a solid foundation of muscle so that when they do pop, they do so on top of solid physique.


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